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FULL RECAP: OSU 59, Lamar 3.

Sorry folks, not gonna bother with lots of analysis of a game that didn't teach us much, but did give us an ESPN top 10 moment.


While predictable, we did become enlightened about a few things...

  1. Walsh's accuracy can be iffy sometimes, but his decision making is almost always excellent. His first interception of the season was clearly on him, throwing high and behind Seales down the middle;

  2. A week after La Tech gouged Lamar for 250+ on the ground, the Cowboys actually seemed to struggle a bit running the ball. Of course the offense looked a bit out of sync for most of the first half;

  3. For someone who supposedly had a relapse of the dropsies so bad that coaches moved T. Moore inside, Blake Jackson hasn't dropped a single pass that has come his way and has what could be the most spectacular catch of the season;

  4. Ateman and Seales are going to be a scary pair. Add in Samples, who it looks like might redshirt this season, along with Hayes, Webb, etc, and this group is not only deep now, but looks to remain so for several years;

  5. Really hope Gilbert's ankle is ok, and I'm glad they have a bye week;

  6. Still waiting for a Daxx sighting. Barring injury, doubt we will see it now that conference play is coming;

  7. Really like what I see from Childs;

  8. Defense did what I would have expected. Time to get it done against better offenses, but right now it's looking like we might have to wait for Baylor to see that;

  9. Stewart with 2 big punt returns, one for a TD. Yes, it's Lamar, but it seems like forever since we've expected anything more than a few yards or a fair catch;

  10. I would really like Walsh and Glidden to work on that across the field pass that has now been WIDE OPEN in what, three consecutive games?
Got nothing else folks. Time to put pansy non-conference football and Thayer Evans behind us and get to work backing up those preseason predictions.