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POLL: What 3 teams will emerge from October?

Based on schedules, the Big 12 could easily have 3 undefeated teams as they enter the stretch run in November. But there are more than 3 candidates.

Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

Based on what we know (KU & Iowa St suck) and what has happened so far (TCU & WV have already lost a conf game), six teams are in the running to be undefeated in conference play when the Big 12 turns for home in November.

First, here are the pre-November conference schedules for all six teams:

Conf Rec 0-0 1-0 0-0 1-0 0-0 0-0
21-Sep Open Open NC NC @TEXAS KSTATE
28-Sep @WV NC Open Open Open Open
19-Oct TCU @KU IOWA ST @WV WV Open

Best case scenario for OSU, Texas, and Baylor is 4-0, while the other three could be 5-0.

Out of this group Kansas State is the least likely to survive, with three games against teams on this list and two of those are consecutive road games (although they have a bye week in between). Given that, I will not include them in the poll question, which will probably come back to haunt me. Just for clarification, any poll question involving 3 teams can't include KState, since an undefeated Wildcat team would knock out Texas, Baylor, & OSU, and since OU plays Tech, that would leave only two undefeated teams. So there...I'm not including them due to math. No Snyder curse necessary.

The team most likely to make it to November unscathed is Baylor, with the road game in Manhattan looking to be the only legit test. OSU runs a close second with two solid games at home. Texas is probably going to lose to either KState, OU, or TCU.

But Tech will probably be one game away from the stretch run undefeated with only OU in its way. In fact, the Big 12 could have 4 undefeated teams going into the first week of November (OSU, Baylor, Tech, Texas), but I don't think that is happening. Tech has to play in Norman, and Texas, well, I just...I can't...I'm not sure...let's just say I don't think they'll make it that far undefeated. Hell, Mack Brown might not make it to Halloween...

November is shaping up to be quite a month of football.

So here you go...keep in mind that, because of how the schedule plays out, there aren't actually that many options. While I don't think the Longhorns make it, I think they have a better chance than KState, so I've included them on this list in order to give a couple more options. If you see options that I did not include, throw them in the comments. Here is the list of "eliminations" since teams play each other...

  • OSU...eliminates KState
  • OU...eliminates Texas and Texas Tech
  • Baylor...eliminates KState
  • Tech...eliminates OU
  • Kansas State...eliminates Texas, OSU, Baylor
  • Texas...eliminates KState and OU