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Same old nonsense from some familiar voices, but boy do we have a surprise for you...and yes, this is a podcast about OSU football...

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

It took us a while to get this organized, then, of all things, we end up wasting the first portion talking about...

the Longhorns.

Maybe not a complete waste. After all, how often do we get to bask in the glory of their ineptitude. King thinks the Longhorns could learn a lot from 7 yr olds playing soccer... (26:00)

We manage to stop the Texas bashing with a nice interview featuring Gina Mizell, OSU beat writer for and the Daily Oklahoman, who grades out the Cowboys prior to starting conference play and discusses whether or not her outlook has changed for the Cowboys and the Big 12.

Following Gina, we give our own opinions on how the Cowboys have done so far and what we see going into the conference schedule.

Bring a's that long. If you want to skip straight to Gina, you can find her around the 28:33 mark. You may need a translator as there is a fair portion of this near the end where Mark sounds like he's got a rag stuck in his mouth. I think we will take up a collection and get him a headset.

Enjoy, and thanks for tolerating listening.

Listen here.

iTunes here.

Also, if you feel intrigued, here's a pretty good podcast from Bring on the Cats featuring Fox Sports SW's David Ubben (not pronounced YOU-ben, or OOO-ben...rhymes with UP-in), discussing the upcoming game with Texas and his outlook for the Big 12.