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An Ode to the Carnival that is Football at the University of Texas

I'll leave it to your imagination what I ate, drank, and/or smoked to spur this disastrous trip into the deep recesses of my mind...

(Sung to the tune "Take Me Out To The Ballgame.")

If you are having trouble syncing the words up to the music, have a listen to this...but be prepared to change your underwear afterwards. If you subscribe to the CRFF podcast on iTunes, just refresh the feed and it will show up.)

Let's make fun of the Longhorns,

Let's pile on while they're down,

It's clear the defensive squad's turned up dead,

David Ash has a bump on his head,

And here come Bill Snyder's Wildcats,

Who ain't afraid of Bevo's poo,

But Mack Brown still holds out hope

That they'll beat OU.

Let's beat up on the Longhorns,

Let's laugh loud at their pain,

The alumni are clearly a little upset,

Just talk to Nick and we will be all set,

So let's root root root for the UT

We don't want Nick Saban in town,

So it's 4, 5, 6 wins in a row

So they'll keep Mack Brown.

(notice I said 6 wins in a row...not 7...)