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Don't know about you, but it feels like it's been a month since OSU played.

Wow, let's not do that again.

A bye week on what was the worst college football weekend schedule EVER. Being forced to watch Kansas State @ Texas, in primetime no less, was totally uncalled for.

At least the next two byes (and BTW, how do we end up with 3???) are during conference play, with the last one coming Thanksgiving weekend when lots of stuff will be up in the air. Gonna be a rough week for everyone else, however, as only 4 games are on tap for Big 12 teams, and OSU @ WV is the only conference tilt. The other action does feature a pretty intriguing matchup between the Gooners and Domers, but falls apart quickly with SMU @ TCU and Iowa State @ Tulsa...goodness are your early Week 5 CFB lines.

As for OSU, it is back to business as usual, and that includes playing a crappy football team. What the hell has happened to the Mountaineers?

Plenty of stuff coming this week to preview the Cowboys' conference opener in Morgantown. "Questions with the Enemy" will be all podcast this week as I first join the crew at Smoking Musket for their weekly edition, then get a visit from lead writer WVUIE97 on Cowboys Podcast For Free. Their podcast should be up Tuesday morning and ours will be up Wednesday.

That will be followed by previews and, of course, "Picks from Joes."

I know most of you will be disappointed, but I have no plans at this time to follow up my "Ode to UT Football" with a song about West Virginia...although I am tempted...

Thank goodness OSU football is back.