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IDENTITY CRISIS? Who are the OSU Cowboys?

We might be 3-0, but we still don't know who we are....

Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

The last time we expected balance was 2009. We had a good QB (before he got banged up), a good RB (before he got hurt), and a world class WR (before he was declared ineligible for the season).

Since then the Cowboys have gone pass happy, and while the run game is NOT an afterthought, it is definitely not what the patrons have come to expect.

OSU had a little bit of a lull in 2012 but still put up sizable passing stats.

2013, however, leaves us a little confused after fall camp and a 3-0 start.

After a stutter step, the Cowboys (ie: JW Walsh) ran wild against Mississippi State.

Walsh then proceeded to set a completion % record vs UTSA as OSU struggle to run effectively.

Then came Lamar, where it seemed the Cowboys were not all that interested, despite an easy blowout win.

Is this a running team or a passing team?

I'm beginning to think this is the "do whatever is necessary to win" team.

Holgorsen and Monken, hell even Gundy back in the days of "balance," sometimes seemed too committed to that. I know Dana and Todd like to have the ball flying around the field, but often it felt like they ran a certain play because they hadn't run that play in a while and maybe the opponent won't be expecting it.

Yurcich doesn't strike me that way so far.

When he discovered that Miss State wasn't prepared for the QB keep on the zone read, he and Walsh obliterated the Bulldogs with that call. When he discovered that UTSA was going to step up against the run, he let Walsh complete almost 90% of his passes against a pretty weak secondary.

The sample size is really small, but I'm getting the feeling that this group isn't married to one thing or the other.

This crew is married to winning. Could the genius of Yurcich, who by all accounts is an incredibly smart guy, be that he finds the weakness and exploits the hell out of it? OSU does have adequate talent at all the skill positions to essentially do whatever is required.

No flash. Just football. Do whatever works, but by all means win. Based on what people and teammates have said, that sounds like J.W. Walsh to me. Like Holgs/Monken & Weeden, could Yurcich and Walsh be an ideal combo of OC and QB? Might we be watching a team that doesn't light up the universe, but keeps winning games? We became so enamored with the circus that was Weeden2Blackmon. Have we lost the ability to recognize straight up guys are gonna line up and take out your guys...which so far OSU has done? Besides Jackson's ridiculous catch against Lamar, the flashiest thing we've seen has been the "Psycho" defense.

I will preview this more later in the week, but I believe the Mountaineers will provide an adequate test for that theory.