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The Big 12 stinks, so we have to root for OU...

...but we don't have to like it...


In 2011, here was your list of starting QB's in the Big 12

Here's your list of starting QB's for 2012
Now your list for 2013
And you wonder why the status of the Big 12 has taken a nose dive in the last two years? Any list that has David Ash that close to the top can't be that good.

This is why we must root for OU to beat Notre Dame.

Now wait....before you go all Puerto Rican mad bitch on me, I never said we had to like it. In fact, if the Sooners lose, honestly, how bad is that going to feel.


This math is as simple as the equation to figure out why the conference went in the tank this season.

The only "valid" non-conference win this season by a Big 12 team was OSU's victory over Mississippi State (and only because they are in the SEC). The other opportunities the conference had were given away when TCU was thrown in front of the Miles train at Jerry's World, and Texas was sacrificed to the Great White Kneebrace God in Provo.

This is the Big 12's last chance before they start eating their own.

And just so we're clear, it gets even harder if OU wins.

We'll then have to root for Notre Dame.

Yep, figured I'd lose a lot the rest of you right there.

Notre Dame would need to look good the rest of the season. Doing that would elevate OU's win, thereby elevating the Big 12.

And when OSU hands out another ass-whipping to the "bastard horse donkey abomination" (as King so eloquently put it) for a Big 12 title, if undefeated, they could be headed to a BCS title game. Even that might not be enough, but guaranteed minus a Sooner win in South Bend there's likely way too much cooperation needed from a lot of teams above them right now in the polls. At that point it's a BCS bowl or bust.

So there it is. We should be Sooner "fans" this weekend.

If you can stomach it.

It's ok if you can't, we understand. Would never hold that against you. Kinda like the military/hero movies where they tell them they might not return, so if you have family and don't want to go, that's ok.

But climb in the trenches, through the mud, be exposed to things unimaginable, crawl to the light at the end of the tunnel through the vilest of shit contaminated muck like Andy Dufresne, and there just might be the golden goose waiting at the finish.


We can root for every bad thing in the world to happen to OU and rejoice in their disembowelment at the hands of the Irish on national TV.

Wow, I didn't realize this is really a win-win...and the latter is so much easier...