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Massacre in Morgantown

Not going to detail anything, because everything was bad.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Does the koolaid taste like shit yet?

That was Iowa State and Arizona all rolled into one. The entire game, from both sides of the ball.

Yurcich's play calling sucked.

Walsh's passing sucked.

The offensive line sucked.

Our secondary gave up so many deep balls I got dizzy watching.

Kip Smith shanking punts. Ben Grogan missing FG's.

Cowboys should drop clear out of the top 25.

Get a break on an incomplete pass in the end zone on 3rd down, then go whiffity whiff whiff on 1st and goal and Grogan doinks the chip shot.

This was some of Squinky's best work. Not one killer play, but an overwhelming batch of incompetent actions that not even West Virginia's lousy offense could screw up.

Time to reassess. Baylor may be the juggernaut. Possibly OU.

The team we saw today might win 8 games, if only because the conference is so bad. But what we saw today makes that no sure thing.

Dana, I love you. I also hate you.

Get ready folks, because next week ain't no guarantee. Nothing will be.

Not like this.