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CRFF BIG 12 POWER POLL: I'm disgusted & King is pissed.

For those who are confused as to whether or not King is "pissed" drunk or "pissed" off, the answer is both.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Here's our Big 12 power poll while we contemplate the "Jake Waters for Heisman" campaign that's coming to Stillwater this Saturday.

First, here's mine...

1. Oklahoma...The Big 12's reputation now rests squarely on the Sooners (and the Domers). Despite their early season issues, notice that they are now in the top 10 in the USA Today/Coaches Poll. A win in South Bend on national TV will do that for you. Now we have to hope Notre Dame doesn't look like the Tommy Rees Interception Train for the rest of the season.

2. Baylor...The only reason the Bears aren't "1a" with OU is that they need to go ballistic against a football team. So essentially we have the same shit we had in the old days of the Big 12...a team from Oklahoma and a team from Texas that OSU has to get past. Words cannot describe how much this disgusts me.

3 thru 8...OSU, Texas, TCU, Tech, West Virginia, Kansas State...Who's going to emerge from this scrum? I would still pick OSU, but it will all depend on who can win a road game or two. Texas is also in pretty good shape as long as David Ash's coconut doesn't get cracked open. The Cowboys should be comfortable here as this is where they've been over the past 8 years (with the exception of 2011).

9 & 10...Iowa State and Kansas...These teams will pick off more than one of the "scrum" group, but only because they have come down to the Cyclones and Jayhawks level.

Now for King...

1: Oklahoma- No denying it, best win in the conference so far, beat the crap out of Notre Dame (though I wish they would have kept the score lower, damn under) and it wasn't as close as the final score. Luckily all Goon fans are humble in victory.

2: Baylor- Will destroy the skullet by about 50 this weekend.

3: Tech- Probably suck, but still undefeated.

4: Texas- I guess

5: Texas Christian- Sure

6: West Virginia- Why not

7: Oklahoma State- I hate Yurcich. I hate Smith. I hate Walsh (I was a huge fan of him becoming the quarterback. I thought one day he'd throw the ball better. I was wrong). I hate that for the first time, probably ever, we lost a game and I'm proud of the defense. It wasn't their fault. I hate Dana Holgerson. Until we beat any of the teams above us, I won't put us back up (except for West Virginia, but they'll probably get crushed next weekend.)

8: Kansas State- Calm now, you'll move up after this weekend.

9: Kansas- Hey, still not last.

10: Iowa State- Yup, still last.