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UT San Antonio Preview, Players to Watch

The UTSA Road Runners, 3 years in to their football existence, are fresh off a 21-13 win at New Mexico. They are led by former Miami Coach Larry Coker.

The UTSA Roadrunner
The UTSA Roadrunner

This is just the third year that the UT San Antonio football program has been alive. Too put that in perspective, THERE WAS NO SUCH THING AS UT SAN ANTONIO FOOTBALL IN 2010.

The only real play maker for the RoadRunners is QB Eric Soza. This kid orchestrated a 99 yard TD drive in the final minutes against New Mexico (who lost 45-0 to Texas last season) so I guess that's impressive. He also led the way in both passing (21-34 for 234 yards, 2 TD's) and rushing (11 attempts for 48 yards) so yeah, not much to see here.

Here's what Coach Gundy had to say about Soza and the RoadRunner Offense.

"They won eight games last year. They had a good showing on Saturday, beating New Mexico on the road. It all starts with their quarterback. He has a very quick release. No. 1 is a slot receiver, but he's also the kind of guy who they just want to get the ball in his hands. They'll get him in the backfield at some times, too. UTSA recruited the San Antonio area really well two years ago, and now those guys are upperclassmen. They have an experienced football team, and they know how to win games. Coach Coker has those guys believing they can win, so it probably wasn't a shock for them to beat New Mexico."

Defensively, the RoadRunners are undersized and the reality is they've probably never seen a team as athletic as Oklahoma State in their limited existence. Here's what Coach Gundy had to say about them.

"They use a four-man front and play a lot of quarters coverage. They use schemes similar to what we do here. They're very sound, and they line up well. They're never misaligned, and that's one of the first things we noticed on film. Lining up correctly is extremely important on the defensive end."

I suspect Oklahoma State will keep things pretty vanilla and run run run. JW Walsh and Jeremy Smith should both have huge days and I would expect the defense to go for the shutout. This should be one of those early morning games where you just revel in the fact that we're kicking the shit out of some team in the Alamodome. Good Times.

UT San Antonio Road Runners
1-0, 0-0 CUSA
11:00am Saturday, FoxSportsOne

Go Pokes.