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POLL: Who will the Snydercats find in Stillwater?

What kind of team Kansas State runs into this Saturday will tell the story for the rest of the Cowboys' season.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas State is not very good, just like West Virginia is not very good.

They lost to an FCS team, albeit a very good one, but still an FCS team. In Manhattan.

The Wildcats' defense is not as good as the Mountaineers. Offensively, the QB position is about the same, maybe ever so slightly better, but mainly because of Tyler Lockett.

They are coming to Stillwater following one of OSU's most embarrassing losses in school history. No school tragedies, no post-Bedlam emotional let downs to pin that performance on. Just a plain, old-fashioned dud, just like 2012 Arizona.

How will Gundy and Company respond?

If this team is in any way worthy of the preseason Big 12 predictions, then I would expect a complete demolition of Kansas State. But come out stumbling and misfiring like last Saturday and, well, the rest of the season will be "whatever."

So what do you think Bill Snyder is doing in his secret laboratory in Manhattan this week? Laughing like this, or concerned that his team's performance will warrant this?