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POLL: Does it matter what happens on Saturday in San Antonio?

While OSU fans were happy with a win, some questions still exist. Do we need to see some answers against UTSA?

Or maybe the larger question is...will UTSA provide enough resistance for OSU to provide us with any answers?

So what do you need to see Saturday, or does it matter?

I didn't include any questions about the defense, since it is likely that subs play a fair amount of the game. Still, I would be disappointed if the Roadrunners put more than 10 points on the board. Also, I didn't include anything about the kicking game. Kip Smith won't get much work as a punter, but we should see lots of kickoffs. If he continues to lob it to the opposing goal line, let's hope the Cowboys have drastically improved their kick coverage. As for Ben Grogan, I think it's obvious that we would like see a couple of successful FG attempts.