Crap!! Joe Wickline is gone!!

So what will we ever do? Get another line coach is all we can do. Is Joe leaving going to hurt oSu? Hell yes it is.

We lose the offensive Coordinators and are able to replace them with relative ease. That is mainly due to the fact we had Wickline there to make there job easy. Most position coaches are kind of easy to replace but Joe may be a little on the tougher side. The running game as well as the pass protection was just not because of the players, it has Joe Wickline written all over it.

Next season may test a few of the younger fans because they have mostly memories of oSu and Gundy having 9-10 win seasons. This will probably not come to pass next year. We are losing 15 starters and 28 total seniors. Those will be hard to replace as well as the road games we have on schedule next year. K-state, BU, TCU, and OU. That's not to mention some little team out of Florida, I think they are Florida State if I remember right the defending NC's.

This season will be a rebuilding year and a chance to familiarize the players with the system and develop the talent we now have and have coming in. Will we surprise a few people? Maybe... Will we be blown out by a bunch of points? I doubt it but it could happen. That my friends is why the sport of College Football is such fun.

The turnover of players and coaches have everyone wondering what will next year bring. It had the WVU fans hoping they would sweep the conference when Dana showed up... It had TCU fans hoping for great things because they got to play in a Big Boy Conference... Does that mean Texas will be the new Alabama and dominate the College football scene? Maybe... The Texas fans already had a big head and always will because they are "TEXAS" I look at it a little different... It will be more fun to knock them off of the pedestal now that it is a little higher.