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OKLAHOMA STATE FOOTBALL: Recruiting with Mark Rogers TV

Once again I join our friend of the blog, Mark Rogers, to chat about some recruiting news and Gundy's struggle to find good QB prospects that work out.

My apologies to Mark, as I fouled up the years of the QB recruits. That's what happens when you put your information together too quickly and don't proof read, then totally throw off your train of thought when you realize the error. Anyway, had the the order's the list I was referencing, with the years corrected:

Year Player Rivals Scout
2004 Bobbie Reid #3 Dual Threat #7
2005 Zac Robinson #10 Dual Threat NR
2006 Alex Cate #19 Pro Style #8
2007 Brandon Weeden Walk On Walk On
2009 Clint Chelf #34 Dual Threat NR
2009 Charlie Moore NR #154
2010 Nate Sorenson #32 Dual Threat #41
2010 Johnny Deaton #6 Dual Threat #46
2011 JW Walsh #4 Dual Threat #5
2012 Wes Lunt #7 Pro Style #21
2014 Mason Rudolph #9 Pro Style #24

Watch for more recruiting news and info as we get closer to National Signing Day on Feb 5, and thanks again to Mark for giving me an opportunity to talk too much.

You can follow Mark on Twitter... ...and also check him out at Mark Rogers TV.