KU/OSU What's the difference?

So what is the difference between KU and OSU? Is it the Court? Arena? Fans? Recruiting? Atmosphere? Coaching?

Now that I've typed that I'm depressed... We officially have a month to prepare for them in the rematch at GIA. I have decided to look at the contributing factors of the two teams.

The Court: We have ours named after one of our most recent and famous coaches Eddie Sutton. But our court goes back to the days of Henry Iba. Did you know that the first game played on the court we have was against KU and their famous coach Phog Allen? We won 21-15

They have theirs named after James Naismith. Damn, didn't he invent basketball? He established the KU's basketball program and coached there from 1898-1907... Maybe it's the name on the court and a deal with the Devil that has them winning all the time.

The Arena: We have Gallagher-Iba Arena Originally named the 4-H Club and Students Activity Building it was soon changed and named after our famed Wrestling Coach Ed Gallagher and in 2000 Gallagher-Iba was Expanded to what we have today.

They have Phog Allen Fieldhouse. It's not as well storied as our GIA but a place to be reckoned with. It can be very intimidating to play there.

The Fans: There are a lot of contributing factors that go into being a fan. KU wins this one hands down. Their fans are rabid in the sense they show up for every game. Don't believe me? Try to get a ticket to a KU home game. Pay attention to the student section of KU the next time you see them play. Our students could learn a thing or two from them and I wish they would. You don't see very many empty seats there.

Recruiting: Sure wish we could recruit like KU... Because of the name "KU" players from across the nation know they can get to the NBA if they come there and compete. OSU should have been the favorites this year when KU lost all of it's starters. They send up a flag and the rescue squad signs up. It's almost too easy. When has OSU posted a national championship on the wall? Henry Iba has those.

The Atmosphere: Because the Allen Fieldhouse is packed for every game it can be loud and rocking. Make no mistake that GIA can compete on this category if the fans show up. For big games like Bedlam and Texas and of course KU they are there. When packed and rowdy GIA has one of the best atmospheres around.

Coaching: I saved this for last for a reason. My blood almost boils at the thought of it. But first a little tidbit of info most don't know.. Naismith was the first Coach at KU and the only one to have a losing record. (that's funny)

If you look back at when they had Williams and we had Sutton. Eddie was a great coach but KU still had a better record than we did.

So we fast forward to now and where do we stand? Good question huh? Bill self at KU for ten years with a win loss record of 300-59 and that's not counting this year. %.836 Pretty good I'd say.

Now on the other hand we have Travis Ford with a record at OSU of 120-68 which is %.638 a winning percentage but not enough to make me even slightly happy. Forbes magazine referred to him as the most overpaid college coach.

I would refer to him as one of the least talented coaches. Sure he took over for the failed Sean Sutton who was probably still a better coach than Ford. So what is it that has Ford still here with OSU? Remember James Anderson? He helped. The win over #1 KU at home in 2010 and the win over #2 Mizzou in 2012. And then we have that little win up at Lawrence that pretty much cemented his position at OSU. Oh yea and he has some talented players.

The problem I have is he can't coach. He gets out coached in almost all of his games.

Was it a good idea to take a basically unproven coach and sign him to a ten year deal? WTF was Holder thinking. Do you think he will ever get rid of Ford? I don't see it happening. The players we have on there now we have three players that surely will make it to the NBA. What about Forte? Will he make it to the pros? I can't say but he is very talented. I think it needs to be started and the students need a banner and a chant... "Bring Self Home"

I personally don't see OSU with a Big 12 title as long as Ford is there.