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AT&T COTTON BOWL HEARTBREAK: Mizzou 41, Oklahoma State 31

After an infuriating offensive performance in the first half, we watched as our Cowboys came oh so close once again, only to have Squinky make a surprise bowl appearance and snatch potential victory away.

Ronald Martinez

Say what you want about the horrible officials, but missed opportunities and mistakes were the hallmark of what was a pretty darn good football game.

The teams combined for a Cotton Bowl record 41 points in the 4th quarter, none more indicative of OSU's season than the final 7 coming off the sack, fumble, and TD return that sealed the game for Mizzou as the Cowboys appeared to be driving for at least a game tying FG attempt.

Alas, like 2 other games this season, it was not to be.

If not for a really good performance from Glenn Spencer's troops for the first 3 quarters, OSU would have been done after one half. Questionable and conservative play calling, coupled with poor execution and penalties, left the Cowboys' offense stumbling about and the Twitterverse calling for Yurcich's head.

The Tigers cooperated nicely, serving up 3 turnovers and a little mysterious play calling of their own, which allowed OSU to mount a comeback and actually take the lead twice in the last 10 minutes.

A few key moments stood out for me...

-Chelf's first interception was horrible. He looked uncomfortable, and the entire offense seemed to lack intensity;

-Grogan lining up for a short FG when OSU gets a stupid delay of game. The "delay" hurt more than the yards, as Grogan bounced it off the right upright;

-Chelf completely whiffs on a wide open double move, throwing it WAY over Stewart's head on what would have been and easy TD;

-Yurcich's 3rd down play calls in the first half?????????

-Glenn Spencer doesn't get a complete pass. Our defense was tremendous all night rushing 4, yet a couple of blitzes got burned, most notably the last one where DGB got past press coverage by Patmon, who played a great game;

-Speaking of Patmon...nobody got screwed more than he did on his nullified pick 6. That was a bullshit PI call, I don't care what you say. He held his position and cut to the ball;

****UPDATE**** is the pass interference penalty in slowmo. As I've said in the comments below...

" the letter of the law, it’s PI. The problem with it is that what was called is allowed to go on for most of the game. It just so happens that it got called against OSU in a really key moment. I don’t like the call, as the defender was holding his own against a receiver who plays physical and was attempting to run through Patmon. The part that got Patmon in trouble is that they were locked up more than 5 yards downfield."

-The refs...goodness, they were awful. Felt like they were lost or behind the entire game;

-Clint Chelf...I'm really sick for you. That was NOT the way to have your career at OSU come to an end. You played admirably in the comeback effort, took some shots, and zipped the ball around the field in the 2nd half. Gonna miss you;

-My gosh, Calvin Barnett...he was an absolute monster the entire game. I will look forward to watching him in the NFL;

-Nice to meet you Mr Bean! Jimmy was a terror off the edge most of the night. Look forward to him and Castleman leading a group that will test Glenn Spencer's ability to reload or rebuild next season;

-About next season...I think you see Josh Stewart in an OSU uni. Hopefully he doesn't have any long lasting effects from the minor concussion issues he had this season;

Now it's off to hoops as we anxiously await resolution of Stevie Clark's off the court issues. Football will not disappear, as there will be excitement around the arrival of Tyreek Hill and Mason Rudolph, as well as National Signing Day.

Before you know it, it will be time for spring football, and it will start again.

Will save a complete assessment of the season for Sunday, but I'll leave you with this...

OSU was picked to win the Big 12...had a chance to win the Big 12 in the last regular season game...and put 10 wins on the board for the 3rd time in 4 years. All in all, a successful season that leaves us wanting more from a program that is now capable of providing it.

I'm perfectly ok with that.