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CRFF Roundtable: Lob Stilly on Turf

Daxx Garman being named Big 12 Offensive player of the week sparked some great discussion between our CRFF staff.

Brett Deering

Well, well, well. We had a very interesting week of discussion between our CRFF team. Big 12 Offensive player of the week going to Daxx Garman sparked the greatest discussion in CRFF history (probably not).

It all got started with three little tweets from our friend Graham Coffelt:

These comments and the response they earned led to this weeks CRFF Roundtable:

GRAHAM COFFELT: "Boy the butthurts were strong today when I questioned Daxx Garman receiving POTW honors. Good for him, but I apparently assaulted Royal John's family by disagreeing."

CADE WEBB: "I disagree with the "3 of 4 TD's were in double, triple etc..." that pass to Jarwin was a dime. And Tyreek was wide open and the throw to Washington in the corner was perfect."

GERALD TRACY: "I think Daxx had good throws, but Graham does have a point that there were some catches that wouldn't have been possible without those guys at receiver. Tyreek is probably one of the only guys that ball wouldn't have been overthrown to."

GRAHAM COFFELT: "The Jarwin and Seaton passes were identical from where I was, which obviously isn't always the best vantage point. The first Washington pass was a dime, the other was all Washington making himself taller than what he is, it would have sailed had he not. He overthrew Tyreek but Hill was able to go into that Freek gear and got under it. Not to mention it was a damn rainbow pass. I want him to succeed and I don't think people get that, but I was not impressed by that performance like everyone else was."

CORY TREECE: "Which is probably why he led him so far. He's got some accuracy issues to improve on for sure."

ROBERT WHETSELL: "He's going to make some bad decisions, that's expected. I think that's more of an issue than his accuracy. He's completing over 50% of his passes and most of them are down the field. he's only thrown into double coverage deep once that I recall. The Jarwin pass was perfectly thrown. The Seaton pass was in traffic, but coverage is usually chasing that route, so no danger unless he overthrows to a safety. Let me enjoy the bombs and complete lack of swing/screen passes for a while, will you!"

CADE WEBB: "I get what you mean. The Seaton pass was dangerous but the safety and LB both had their back turned. It was late, but he was there. And I think that Daxx knows he can overthrow Tyreek and he can get there. Odds are, if he overthrows it and Hill can get to the ball, the corner/safety/LB has NO chance to catch up. That's how I saw that throw."

GRAHAM COFFELT: "He's one of those QB's right now, that when he makes a throw, you groan and then when the plays over you're shocked that it worked. At least that is the consensus of my people up on the wall."

ROBERT WHETSELL: "You have much higher standards than me. I had already adjusted to Walsh type throws, so as far as I'm concerned, Garman looks like Weeden."

GERALD TRACY: "There was also multiple times where he skipped over a short route for the harder, long route. I don't like that. If the easy ten yard slant is open why should you throw the freaking 60 yard bomb. Just my opinion."

KING: "I would say that none of those throws were dangerous, the Tech coverage sucked and our coaches had to know that. That one int before the half was a bad decision, but the deep ball was there all day."

GRAHAM COFFELT: "Yeah, I know he throws a deep ball, but he is nowhere near Weeden. Not even close. Right now, he is Clint Chelf 1.2. Chelf could unload one every now and again, but Garman can do it at will and I agree, that is nice."

CADE WEBB: "It's hard to throw underneath stuff when Tech has 7-8 in the box. The offense took what the defense gave them and the deep ball was there almost every time."

GERALD TRACY: "This is true, it's just what i've seen the past two games that Daxx has played. It could and should change with different defenses.

But yeah. I also don't blame him for throwing up and down Tech since
you know... it's Tech."

GRAHAM COFFELT: "Part of my frustration is still with the play calling. We have four plays. A gap dive, B gap counter, off tackle, and deep balls. This does not look like a Mike Gundy team anymore. It doesn't have any variation and its going to hurt us later on."

ROBERT WHETSELL: "I'm 5,000% on board with this."

EVAN JONES: "Don't give up on the play calling. Mike (Gundy) is a brilliant OC and won't let our offense, or Yurcich, stay stagnant against a team he's concerned will beat us. I don't think that they were ever very worried about Tech, which is why they ran our offense as a glorified scrimmage... Just like UTSA."

TAYLOR YORK: "I want to believe you, but I think we would have lost this game if it wasn't for Tech shooting itself in the foot..."

EVAN JONES: "A concerned Gundy runs flea flickers, double reverses and double throws. A concerned Gundy doesn't run 4 plays only."

KING: "Didn't we run both a flea flicker and a double reverse? I know we did a flea flicker."

DEREK HATRIDGE: "Yeah, there was a reverse too. But that was about as tricky as it got."

ME: "The reverse was on 3rd & 2 #Yurcichprobs"

EVAN JONES: "Didn't know that. I missed the whole second quarter. But I still think that the Badger wasn't too worried."

KING: "But that doesn't detract from Daxx's performance, he doesn't call the play. And considering the fact Tech sold out to stop the run, I think that makes what he did even better. We had to throw, and we did successfully. Also it's his first Big 12 game, second start, and third game played in since like 2008. I'd let the man have his props. Josh Fields would throw arm punts and let Rashaun Woods go get em, and he was praised for it."

ROBERT WHETSELL: "Hill would have been standing there for 5 seconds waiting for that ball from Walsh."

GRAHAM COFFELT: "I think it says more about the receivers King, because they made play after play even when the throws weren't the best Ateman and Washington looked like bonafide stars out there. There's a problem when there's a collective nervous gasp when your quarterback cocks back and chucks it hoping to find the hands of a receiver. Hopefully though, if and when the play calling becomes diverse again that Garman won't look like that all the time."

ROBERT WHETSELL: "Not sure about the collective gasp. I held my breath every time Walsh threw the ball. I flinch a little every time Garman pulls the trigger just because he's new and I don't have the trust yet.

For a QB about to be on his 3rd start and 4th game since his JR year in High School, I'm good with how he's performing. And as for receivers bailing him out, the ball has to be in a place for them to make a play. You think Walsh puts the ball where Garman does? I'm a huge believer that if Walsh was starting we lose that game."

DEREK HATRIDGE: "Personally, I think it's a marriage between QB and receivers. Daxx is improving, and I think the timing and communication with his WR's will only increase as time goes on. Maybe by Homecoming the offense will look a little more in sync and Yurcich can open past page 5 of the play book."

GRAHAM COFFELT: "I just don't consider going out and playing glorified 'Jackpot' at times, being sufficient QB play for the Big 12. Obviously it is just my opinion, but I like having more accuracy at QB than just having another gun arm."

That wraps up this weeks roundtable. Let us know your thoughts on Daxx and the offense. Same time same place next week. Go Pokes!