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CRFF Staff Predictions Week 8

As OSU goes on their first real road trip of the year, the staff assures with everyone that it shouldn't be a scare.

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Oklahoma State travels to Lawrence this Saturday for a football game, but Cowboy fans are probably the only ones that care. The staff got together for a little bit to predict what will happen this week.

Gerald Tracy - In the 65th edition of KU-OSU, one would fully expect a win for the good guys to improve their overall record to 33-29-3. Hopefully OSU can get off to a quick start and win this one easily to restore some confidence. I've got OSU winning 49-14.

Nick Tyler - OSU 42 KU 17. The Pokes score early and often. 10 of KU's points come in the 4th (garbage time). At the end of the game the KU fans that are left start chanting "Wait till basketball"

Cory Treece - 38-20 OSU. I'm still waiting to see OSU not play to the level of their completion. The last two games should have been a wider margin of victory.

Chris Ross - Oklahoma State 45 - Kansas 17. Kansas just isn't very good. Coming out ready to play will be a bigger threat to the Cowboys than anything the Jayhawks can put together. I'm looking for a more even performance for the Pokes as they head into the meat of their schedule.

Evan Jones - 38-14. Cowboys continue to run same plays, keeping play book usage to a minimum. We don't see too much Hill. Lots of up the gut running. The Badger is playing games and saving strong play calling for the gauntlet starting 10/18.

Robert Whetsell - 38-13 This will be ugly, so I'm not expending any energy thinking about it.

Derek Hatridge - My prediction? Pain. Oh, and the Pokes win 38-10.

Nick Lozanovski - 55-17. OKST finally starts fast. KU scores one or two garbage touchdowns.

Parker Shultz - 42-10. This game won't be fun for anyone involved.

Taylor York - 38-17. OSU will cruise. Gundy will call two or three good plays, but the rest will be all vanilla.  His assistant in the booth will notice a mismatch that will get Hill open for another TD, but the call won't make it down the field.

Colin Price - 24-14 cowpokes. Another week of uninspired play leads to turnovers and 3 and outs that KU will be happy to try to exploit. Defense keeps them out more than offense keeps us in. One kick return, a Gro-zone field goal, and a forced turnover in KU territory to set up an easy score. One Daxx deep ball connects for a TD but other than that another stale performance. Defense gives up a TD in the 1st and 4th but they never feel out of reach.

Josh Poteet - OSU 52 - KU 17 OSU looks impressive and people get excited until they realize that we are just playing Kansas and a win over Missouri State is just as valuable. Daxx throws for 5 TDs, Roland runs for 2, Grogan hits a 39 yard FG in a route.