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#CRFFBoldPredictions: Kansas vs Oklahoma State

Check out this weeks best #CRFFBoldPredictions for this weekends game in Lawrence! As an added bonus, we have some great predictions for the Red River Rivalry!

Tom Pennington

So... In another week with a potentially drab game, I suspected a slow turnout for #CRFFBoldPredictions.  I mean... It's hard to get up for KU when it isn't on a hardwood floor.

I was wrong.

You guys have blown it up this week!  There are so many great predictions for the KU game, and enough #RRR predictions to create a separate recap!

I am going to start something new next week.  I'm going to be picking my favorite #CRFFBoldPrediction each week, highlight it, and add it to the official CRFF twitter link tweet.  So bring your best in the weeks to come for a chance to be featured!

Let's get to it!

We will start off with the predictions for the Oklahoma State game...

One bite.

I don't think you're alone here, friend.

See... Told you.

The boldest bold of all the bolds.

Really though... This is our life now...

Ogbah hits beast mode in the first 5 minutes!

I don't see this happening... Just because we're not that creative...

See above.



We really don't want this to happen...

But I'd take a Self/Gundy dance off...

This would make for a fantastic Saturday!

Lots of Tyreek passing TD predictions!

Gundy never forgets to doubly gel his hair.

Now let's take a look at some of the predictions for the matchup between OU and Texas at the infamous Cotton Bowl!

Charlie don't take no crap.

Definitely his loss... She has apparently made her pick for this game as well!

We are talking about the same Trevor Knight... Right?

Cristiano ronaldo throwing a football



And for this weeks best  #CRFFBoldPrediction... (Those dots are a drumroll...)

Big Mike - @MBHORNSFAN Killed it with this amazing prediction!

What a great week of Predictions! Lets keep it rolling in the comments!