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Beat The Bookie: CRFF Handicaps College Football - Week 7

The CRFF staff competes to see who's the better college football handicapper.

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Last week we kicked off our contest to determine who's the best handicapper at CRFF! It didn't take to long to find out either. Me, I'm the best. I slaughtered these fools last week.

Week 6 Results
Rank Player lock Record
1 Chris Ross Won 3-1-1
2 Evan Jones Lost 2-3-0
3 Derek Hatridge Lost 1-3-1
T-4 Thomas Fleming Lost 0-4-1
T-4 Gerald Tracy Lost 0-4-1

Okay, now that I've thoroughly jinxed myself, I'll admit the first week was pretty bad. As a group we got off to a pretty terrible start.

race fail

On the bright side if we don't get any better everyone can just fade our picks. So no matter what, you all win!  Here's our selections for this week!. Want to play along? Let us know what you think of the picks in the comments, and let us know who you're taking this week?

1. CHRIS ROSS Lock 1-0-0 W/L 3-1-1
Tulsa at Temple Temple Lock Of The Week -17.5
Temple is a little better than most people think, and they can put up points with their hurry-up offense. Tulsa on the other hand is bad. I expect Temple to run away with this one.
Idaho at Georgia Southern GSU -23.5
This is another mismatch. Idaho has yet to win a game, while GSU has been a spread covering machine. They may be new to the FBS, but they know how to play football in the south.
East Carolina at South Florida ECU -15.5
ECU let me down last week, so I figure they owe me one. The Pirates have been money in the bank since last season, and I'll go ahead and lay the points with them another week.
Duke at Georgia Tech GT -3.5
Georgia Tech has been impressive, and I didn't think I could ever be impressed by a team running a triple option. I like the home team to run over the Blue Devils.
Oklahoma State at Kansas OSU -20.5
I really don't like picking on Oklahoma State games. It also makes me a little nervous that I can't find anyone taking Kansas and the points in this one. I can't find a single reason to pick Kansas though. Go Pokes!
2. EVAN JONES LOCK 0-1-0 W/L 2-3-0
Washington State at Stanford Stanford Lock Of The Week -16.5
Stanford should roll in with their superior IQ's and lay waste to Mike and his Cougars.
West Virginia at Texas Tech WVU -6
The Fighting Goslings are terrible. Davis Webb is a heck of a QB and has made some amazing throws, but that isn't going to be enough to push past the 'Eers. The hill-folk roll into the flatlands and steam roll the Red Raiders.
Georgia at Missouri Mizzou +3
I would have stayed away from this game normally... If you remember, I don't like games closer than 3 points... BUT... Gurley has been suspended and won't be on the field versus the Tigers. No Gurley, no victory.
Oregon at UCLA Oregon -2.5
I can't believe the line is this close... Which probably means I should stay away from it... But I will not. Oregon is going to thump an unimpressive UCLA. Plain and Simple. Nike will make sure it happens.
Oklahoma State at Kansas Over 50.5
Straight up Oklahoma State... But I can't, because Vegas has no doubt who the victor will be... I don't like either the O/U or the margin of victory, but I'm going to take the lesser of these two evils and go with the Over (even though I got burned last week... Bad... on the over). Let's just hope that a trend of me losing on the over, but winning the game continues. I'm ok with that.
3. DEREK HATRIDGE Lock 0-1-0 W/L 1-3-1
Texas at Oklahoma OU -14.5
It's Red River Rivalry week, but how things have changed from a few years ago. I think the Sooners take this one, and enjoy fried everything from the fair after.
Alabama at Arkansas Arkansas +9
Call me crazy, but whatever. Ole Miss proved what OU proved last season: Bama is beatable. I think the Hogs shock the SEC, win at home.
LSU at Florida LSU -1.5
Who would have thought that this matchup would lose its luster? Still, Muschamp gonna Muschamp and the Tiger geaux home victorious.
Washington at California Washington +3.5
Oh, Pac-12. You have so many shenanigans going on, but man is it fun to watch. Huskies pull off the upset at Cal, creating even more parity in college football.
Oklahoma State at Kansas OSU Lock Of The Week -20.5
As long as the Pokes get a fast start and don't lay an egg like 2012, they roll easily to victory.
T-4. THOMAS FLEMING Lock 0-1-0 W/L 0-4-1
Duke at Georgia Tech GT -3.5
The Yellow Jackets are off to a 5-0 start, and while no ACC conference win is really that impressive unless it's against FSU, Tech has had solid wins over V Tech and Miami in consecutive weeks. The Blue Devils are coming off of a loss versus the 'Canes and have to travel to Atlanta - GT covers.
Michigan at Purdue MSU -21
Sparty has held strong since the Oregon loss, and this once-dismal offense is now in the top 10 in PPG. I imagine the men in green strangle this Boilermaker offense for all four quarters. Just thinking about this game makes me yawn - MSU covers.
East Carolina at USF ECU Lock Of The Week -15.5
The Pirate offense has been solid this entire year, and a mediocre South Florida team won't get in their way. If this gets into a game of catch-up, I don't see USF scoring a bunch, since they haven't scored more than 17 on a D-1 opponent this year; this is opposed to a Carolina team who's scored at least 23 in every game. ECU covers.
Penn State at Michigan PSU +1
Michigan's season has been heading down the pooper since they got shut out against the Irish, and are currently on a three game losing streak. Penn State got embarrassed by Northwestern on homecoming, but I think they'll bounce back with their fifth win against Big Blue- PSU covers.
Oklahoma State at Kansas OSU -20.5
Okie St. is coming into Lawrence with a solid winning streak and a top 20 ranking to show for it. Kansas' defense isn't awful, and OSU's playbook is blander than spam. If OSU can't score using their base handful of plays, this one might be too close for comfort in the first half. Still, I can't see them pulling a 2012 again. If Kansas pulls a backdoor cover, which would make it the third Cowboy game where they give up a backdoor cover, I'm going to staple my face to a wall. Let's hope it doesn't come to that - OSU covers.
T-4. GERALD TRACY Lock 0-1-0 W/L 0-4-1
TCU at Baylor Baylor -8
I think TCU plays a good game, but Baylor should win this pretty easily.
Georgia at Missouri Mizzou +3
I'm taking Mizzou beating the line. Georgia losing Gurley hurts, especially when he has 31 percent of their touchdowns on the season.
Auburn at Mississippi State Miss St +3
Some may not be as high on them, but I'm taking State. I believe they are better than KSU, who Auburn narrowly escaped. State is the one narrowly escaping this game, though.
Texas at Oklahoma OU -14.5
I just don't see Texas fighting, considering half of their team is absent.
Oklahoma State at Kansas OSU Lock Of The Week -20.5
I'm taking the chalk, and this is my lock. I'd be dumb not to, right? *Coughs and looks around hoping no one realizes my picks last week*
T-5. NICK TYLER Lock 0-0-0 W/L 0-0-0
West Virginia at Texas Tech WVU -6
Yes, WV's status may have been a little over-rated at the beginning of the year, but that won't keep this game from being a high score affair where I expect WVU to come away with more than a 6 point win.
LSU at Florida LSU Lock Of The Week -1.5
Seriously, how is this line so low. I know LSU has struggled this year but Florida is BAD. Florida's offense makes OSU look like the Denver Broncos. Will Muschamp should start packing his things.
Mississippi at Texas A&M TAMU -2
Texas A&M still has a lot to figure out but Kyle Field will provide the advantage aTm needs to take down Ole Miss.
Penn State at Michigan PSU +1
They are literally giving us this one. Michigan's downward spiral rivals that of Adrian Peterson (too soon?).
Oklahoma State at Kansas OSU -20.5
KU is bad. OSU is decent. KU is really bad.
T-5. JOSH POTEET Lock 0-0-0 W/L 0-0-0
TCU at Baylor Baylor -8
Mark my words. Texas Christian University is OVERRATED. Gary Patterson will be tying his shoes just enough times to not see his Horned Frogs get massacred. I am all aboard the Baylor train until they play OU. Seriously though, TCU jumped 16 spots in the polls after upsetting OU. I'm not discrediting how big that win was but Baylor is just too much. Look for the Bears to squash the Horned Frogs back into reality.
Auburn at Mississippi State Miss St +3
Call me a hypocrite all you want but I am buying MSST stock all day. After upsetting LSU and Texas A&M combined with the fact that they're playing in Starkville makes me even more confident in this upset. The Bulldogs will bring a top 25 scoring offense and defense to the field on Saturday afternoon and I, quite frankly, expect a win.
Penn State at Michigan PSU +1
I'm taking Penn State in this one simply for the reason that I am enjoying watching the Michigan football program go up in flames. But seriously, how are the Wolverines favored in this game? They're 2-4 and have lost three straight to Utah, Minnesota and Rutgers. Don't you DARE tell me that those three teams are that good. I don't care if they're a combined 12-2; Michigan is still an awful football team. #FireHoke
Illinois at Wisconsin WISC -26.5
Wisconsin is too good for the Fighting Illini. Despite looking absolutely awful in a loss to a mediocre Northwestern team the Badgers of Madison are still favored by 26. THAT'S A LOT OF POINTS. Maybe it's because Illinois' starting QB and former Poke, Wes Lunt, snapped his leg in half or maybe it's because Wisconsin has the 4th best rushing offense in the country. Either way, Wisconsin is overrated but still wins big this weekend.
Oklahoma State at Kansas OSU Lock Of The Week -20.5
Pokes simply have too much firepower for Kansas. The Jayhawks have the 124th worst scoring offense in the country. Combine that with an above average Cowboy defense and the Pokes win by more than 20. If I could tell anything to OSU fans it would be to not watch the game this weekend. We will look mediocre and still win by 40, it won't be that fun.