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INSTANT REACTION: Tyreek Hill for President

...or governor...or mayor...something, anything, because he single-handedly saved the day for the Cowboys with one incredible sprint.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

It was deja vu all over again.

Another inconsistent, sloppy offensive performance allowed the Jayhawks to hang around, and a field goal by Kansas tied it up at 20 with 6:55 remaining in a game that OSU was now in plenty of danger of losing.

Then, for some inexplicable reason, KU did the unthinkable. They did the very thing they had refused to do all day.

Kick it deep to one of the fastest players in college football.

They were then treated to a first hand example of why you don't do that.

Also gonna give some cred to Josh Furman, who sealed the win with a pick on the Jayhawks' 4th down attempt.

But this was a loss waiting to happen until Hill's kickoff return. The defense forced a 3 and out, then the offense went 5 straight virtually identical plays and gave the ball back to Kansas, which eventually led to Furman's aforementioned interception.

This is a pretty simple story we have in front of us. The offense struggles to run because the offensive line is still in developmental mode and the play-calling is so unbelievably vanilla it's ridiculous. There is virtually no misdirection to help keep the defense honest. There is not much of a mid-range passing game. Garman is taking a beating, which very well could be why Gundy is sticking to his Rudolph redshirt. This season is a complete crap shoot, and based on what we saw today could very well go completely up in smoke starting next Saturday. He's protecting his asset.

Will now let this sit for a while before putting together the full recap. I have a feeling I'm going to torch someone, and it's not going to be Travis Ford. This couldn't possibly be his fault.

In the end, it's another win for a young team, and the Cowboys are now right where we thought they would be before the Florida State game. The only problem is that when we made those predictions, TCU and West Virginia were very winnable games. Now not so much.