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CRFF Composite Big 12 Poll: Week 8

The staff gets back together for this week's edition of the rankings, and there's been some slight shuffling. The Cowboys are undefeated in Big 12 play, but just how high should they rank?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The second edition of the CRFF staff power rankings is here! After all the complicated math done by our best mathematicians, the rankings don't change much. Here are some thoughts on this weeks standings.

Who would have thought that after six weeks of college football TCU would be number two in the Big 12?  Not me, and as of right now I still think they're better than Baylor. (Yes, I am the single person who voted them as number one this week).

Is Oklahoma State really worse than Texas? If so, then the fans are in for a long season. After that showing against Kansas, though, one might not be to surprised.

There's a sharp drop off in points from the top 4, to the rest of the conference. The bottom five of the Big 12 are getting zero to no respect, but I'm not sure I can argue with that.

Okay how wrong did we get this? How would you rank them?

1 Baylor (9) 99
2 TCU (1) 90
3 Oklahoma 76
4 Kansas State 75
5 Texas 55
6 Oklahoma State 51
7 West Virginia 39
8 Texas Tech 28
9 Iowa State 19
10 Kansas 13