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Oklahoma State Cowboys in the NFL: Week 6

Another fantastic week of both college and professional football is in the books. Okay, maybe it wasn't a great week for Oklahoma State at the college level but at the pro level it's a different story!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

For years I have said that college football is better than professional football. There is more passion, more big plays and bigger upsets. That being said, there is no argument that the NFL produces a better product than college ball as a whole. So here at CRFF we decided to combine the two things that make America great by talking about former Oklahoma State players and how they did this week in the NFL. This is our weekly Cowboys in the NFL post!

Dan Bailey (Dallas) - After booting a 42-yard field goal through the uprights Dan Bailey has officially became the most accurate kicker in NFL history. On top of nailing the 42-yard field goal, Bailey nailed a new career long with a 56-yard shot and also sealed a win over the Seahawks with a 31-yard field goal near the end of the game. Bailey really is something special and if he continues at the pace he may be one of the greatest kickers of all-time.

Bailey 42 yard

Justin Blackmon (Jaguars) - DNP (suspended)

Dez Bryant (Cowboys) - Being matched up with the best corner in football is hard...unless you're Dez Bryant. Some people say that Bryant isn't a top five WR. People are stupid. Bryant grabbed four passes for 63 yards this weekend despite having Richard Sherman all over him including a ridiculous grab where it seemed like Bryant was flying. Through six weeks of the season Dez Bryant is 12th in the league in receiving yards largely due to the Cowboys ability to not completely rely on the passing game.

Perrish Cox (49ers) - Cox and his 49ers ended up beating the Rams on MNF by 14 despite a slow start. Cox is tied with six others for most INT's in the NFL with three. Tonight he wrangled in the Rams for five tackles and also deflected two passes including a huge pass throw to Kenny Britt.

Perrish Cox

Shamiel Gary (Free Agent) - You see what had happened was.....Gary was signed by the Bears to boost their defense and then they cut him a few days later to make room to bring up Terrell Manning from the practice squad. So Gary will go back to looking to get picked up by a different team.

Justin Gilbert (Browns) - Oh how times have changed for the former Poke. After losing his starting job due to abysmal play, Gilbert was once again put into the starting role this past weekend against the Steelers. Despite a huge team win, Gilbert looked terrible (again). It's really difficult to watch him play out there because he just looks lost.

Corey Hilliard (Lions) - DNP (injury)

Kendall Hunter (49ers) - DNP (injury)

Charlie Johnson (Vikings) - Johnson has definitely seen better days, but so have the Vikings. Minnesota has gotten out to a hot 2-4 start! Seriously though, a huge part of why the Vikings suck, other than the fact that the best RB in football is suspended, is that the offensive line has looked like trash for the past few weeks. Johnson has struggled to block speed on the other side of the ball and is definitely not in his prime anymore.

Orie Lemon (Cowboys) - DNP (coach's decision)

Russell Okung (Seahawks) - It was not a good week for the former Cowboy. Okung only did two things this week against Dallas; get called for false starts and get hurt. During the game Okung tore his labrum on Sunday but he is expected to play through the injury somehow.

Tyler Patmon (Cowboys) - HE PLAYED! Patmon got on the field and not only did he play but he played really well and he didn't allow a catch!

Brandon Pettigrew (Lions) - Pettigrew is still having a terrible year. He caught two passes for six yards this weekend.

Joseph Randle (Cowboys) - Randle was the big surprise this weekend for Dallas. He started off early with a HUGE 38-yard carry and would end the day with five carries for 52 yards. On the 38-yard carry he told Richard Sherman to quit the child's play as he shoved him off of him, so that was cool. Oh and he also had a huge tackle on special teams. This was Randle's best week since being in the league and it was great to finally see Joe get some love!

Antonio Smith (Raiders) - Smith didn't do much against the Chargers this weekend. He only had two tackles bringing his season total to eight.

Josh Stewart (Titans) - DNP (coach's decision)

Lane Taylor (Packers) - Taylor played a few snaps against Miami and looked as good as a 2nd string lineman can.

Brandon Weeden (Cowboys) - WE WERE SO CLOSE! Romo took a nasty hit early against Seattle and it looked like Weeden was about to get in, but alas he did not. Maybe next week. Techincally DNP (coach's decision).

Kevin Williams (Seattle) - Williams looked good against a talented Dallas offensive line. He filled gaps all day and ended the afternoon with three tackles making his season total 14.


As much as I want to say Joe Randle, I just can't. There was history made this weekend with Dan Bailey. Most people don't realize how impressive Bailey's new record is. Think about it. He is the most accurate kicker in the history of professional football. He has made 90.8% of his kicks, that's such a ridiculous number. I tip my hat to you Dan and I wish that you had eligibility left.

That's all for this weeks folks! Make sure you tune in next week! Go Pokes and Beat TCU!