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BUY or SELL? Dan Bailey Is The Second Best Player To Come Out Of Oklahoma State.

Should Dan Bailey be considered the second best player in Oklahoma State Cowboy history?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday Dan Bailey stood 42-yards out as he lined up for the kick that would make him the most accurate kicker in the history of the NFL. He piped it. The former Oklahoma State kicker has been phenomenal, and is doing things no one has ever done before at a position that's been saturated with incredible talent throughout the years. So we ask you...

BUY or SELL? Dan Bailey is the second best player to ever come out of Oklahoma State.

Do you have Bailey at number 2? What's your list of the best former Pokes to ever play in the NFL? Be sure to vote in the poll, and let us know thoughts in the comments!

2011 16 37 32 86.5%% 39 39 100.0%%
2012 16 31 29 93.5%% 37 37 100.0%%
2013 16 30 28 93.3%% 47 47 100.0%%
2014 6 14 13 92.9%% 18 18 100.0%%
CAREER 54 112 102 91.1%% 141 141 100.0%%