Joseph Randle's Father Calls Dallas TV Station, "My son is not a thief, okay?"


Earlier today it was reported Former Oklahoma State running back Joseph Randle had been arrested for allegedly stealing underwear and cologne from a Dillards department store. In a strange twist Joseph Randle's father called into a Dalla area TV Station to share Randle's side of the story.

"My son is not a thief, okay? He was just trying to get his baby out of there because she was clowning pretty bad. All he was going to do is take ‎the baby out and then he was going to come back and take care of his business," Mr. Randle said in a phone call with News 8 reporter Tanya Eiserer.

WFAA News 8 has more on the story:

Randle's Father's account of the incident doesn't seem to match up with Dillards store employees' accounts nor the police report.

From the WFAA Report: "According to the arrest report, a Dillard's employee told police she watched a suspect - later identified as Randle - on the store's video surveillance system make a purchase at the perfume counter then walk to the underwear section and place a package of underwear in the bag from his previous purchase before walking out to the parking lot without trying to pay."

"There was no mention in the police report of a child with Randle."

"After an officer arrested Randle and began taking the Cowboys player to the Frisco jail for processing, Randle told police without prompting he "should have kept walking to his car if he knew he would be arrested" and that when he saw the security officer he thought, "Alright, y'all got me," according to the arrest report."