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CRFF Roundtable: Season Outlook

In this weeks roundtable our team of writers takes a look on the outcome for the rest of this football season.

Ed Zurga

A lot has been said about the Oklahoma State, and rightfully so (looking at you @NotMikeYurcich), especially on our weekly roundtable. So this we decided to take a different angle this week. Join us as we take a look at the rest of the season. Fair warning... for the most part, its not that pretty. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and enjoy!

ME - I know the most obvious thing to talk about is the offense and its struggles but we've talked about that for pretty much the whole year. I think we should talk about our expectation for the rest of the year. I think there is a possibility that we don't win another game this year. I know that's a pessimistic view but I think its possible. I think our most winnable games left are WVU and Texas at home.

EVAN JONES - I may get run out for saying this, but I kinda like our match up on offense with TCU. They're pretty weak at DB and if - a MASSIVE if - we can give Garman some protection, we might be able to burn them deep on a regular basis (which is another bonus since Daxx can throw the ball 60 yards, but not 6).

So... Am I fired?

POKELAHOMA - I feel like we're all acting like this is the exact same team that will roll out there each week. They're young sure, but if we have the coaching staff we think we have they'll get better every week.

I still think we win 8 games. Beat WVU, BEAT UT and upset somebody. KSU makes the most sense to me.

TAYLOR YORK - Although I agree with you that those are the most winnable games, I don't think you can ignore the TCU offence. If OSU does not have a big lead going into the 4th, I would be very scared. TCU just lost in the 4th against Baylor and will be game planning around that fact. OSU also did poor last week in the 4th - against KANSAS. Our youngsters better be ready for the one-two punch of Meacham and Crumbie. Meacham has a lot to prove.

JOSHUA P - Seriously though, who thinks we win another game? Or is the better question does anyone think we lose out?

GERALD TRACY III - We aren't the best. But I don't think there is anyway in hell this team doesn't win at least three more games.

CADE WEBB - No way we lose out. I'm having déjà vu from last season because this is exactly how the season started last year. I try to remember that when I get pissed off. Yurcich figured it out. We will see, but I think we have simply too much talent and good coaches to lay over and shit the bed for the rest of the season.

TAYLOR YORK - I do not think we lose out. Maybe 2 more wins. If we look great against TCU, Boykin or not, I will feel pretty good about everything except for Baylor and OU.

GERALD TRACY III - I understand that we don't look great, but I just don't see how some can think Texas is a serious threat.

STEVE DODSON - Texas is better than Kansas.

DEREK HATRIDGE - Pokes won't lose out. And they'll pull off an upset of either OU or Baylor.

CADE WEBB - That KU game was the equivalent of last years WVU game. We got up early and sleepwalked the rest of the game. This team is light years better than how they played on Saturday.

GERALD TRACY III - I mention this every year. OSU always plays like that at 11 A.M. games. It's embarrassing but true.

JOSH POTEET - For some reason I just really don't think we beat Texas. I think we beat TCU and Baylor and drop everything else.

TAYLOR YORK - The positive takeaway here is that we should all be very happy with any win from here on out. Winning games will be a more enjoyable experience from here on out and the 'The sky is falling' attitude after wins should slowly go away.

CHRIS ROSS - The Cowboys look to be an 8-win caliber team, which is exactly what we expected them to be. Unfortunately for the Pokes, WVU and TCU look to be better than expected. Even Texas showed some signs of life against OU. That's going to make it  tough for Oklahoma State to reach the 8-win expectation. Which is odd to say about a team that's 5-1 and 15th in the country.

I agree that 8-wins is still possible. The secondary has proven to be better than anticipated, and the Cowboys have shown they can play up to the level of a higher caliber opponent. The biggest hindrance to the team is the offensive line and play calling. The former is what it is. They should keep improving, but may be too little, too late for this season. There's just no magic fix out there.

Yurcich is hampered somewhat by the offensive line. It's hard to start scheming different variety into the playbook when you have to keep the blocking assignments vanilla. That being said Yurcich clearly hasn't taken to the role the way the previous few OC's have, and that's an issue.

When Gundy brought Yurcich in to run the OK State system, fans hoped they were getting this.

Instead they got this.

I'm not sure where the Cowboys can grab three more wins, but they do get TCU at about as good a spot as you can. It would have been a little bit better for the trap game scenario if the Horned Frogs had beaten Baylor, but oh well. Speaking of Baylor, what are we going to do now that the chihuahuas behind the glass are running the conference? It's barely half way through the season and their fans are already insufferable.

I agree with Taylor, maybe it's time to just start focusing on the positives. This team should be incredible next season, and thank God for Glenn Spencer!

That does it for this weeks round table. If you have anything you want us to discuss tweet us! Let us know your outlook on the rest of the season below. We'll leave you with a bonus question: Better visor game: Gundy or Patterson?