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BUY or SELL? Oklahoma State Will Renew Mike Yurcich's Contract.

Has Mike Yurcich shown enough over the last two season for Oklahoma State to renew his contract?

Brody Schmidt | Associated Press

Offensive Coordinator Mike Yurcich is in his second year of a two-year deal with the Cowboys. Since joining the Pokes for the 2013-2014 season Oklahoma State is 15-4, played for the Big 12 Championship, and ranked 15th in points per game last season.

Despite the team's success and better than average statistics, the fans grew concerned. A shaky start to the season had many asking if he was right for the job. Afterall, he came to Stillwater from Shippensburg University, after just one season at the OC position.

Fast forward to this season, and even though the Cowboys are ranked 15th in the country, the offense has clearly taken a step back, which has many fans begrudging the Yurcich hire. Much of the blame for the stagnant offense may not rest on Yurcich's shoulders though. The offensive line is a glaring weakness, and there's only so much you can do if you're getting dominated in the trenches. So we ask you...

BUY or SELL? Oklahoma State will renew Mike Yurcich's contract at the end of the season.

We want to know what you think the OSU administration will do. Be sure to vote in the poll, and feel free to share your thoughts on Yurcich with us in the comments!