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CRFF Staff Predictions: Oklahoma State at TCU

The staff gets together to predict how the Cowboys do this week in Ft. Worth.

Brett Deering

OSU travels to Ft. Worth for the first time to play TCU as a conference opponent this weekend. TCU is one of the many teams that have come out of seemingly no where this year to contend for their respective conference and potentially a playoff spot.

While they showed some fierceness on defense to start off the year against cupcake teams like SMU and played great against a Minnesota team that looks better each week, TCU has given up 94 total points in the last two weeks. While that looks bad, much of the CRFF staff still thinks that the horn frogs can ruin the weekend for the orange and black.

Gerald Tracy - Alright, here's mine. OSU wins after a tough game. Defense/ST scores twice and
in a 35-42 win Yurcich gets way to much credit because of the score, but the offense looks horrible at times.

Cory Treece - 41-28 TCU. I just can't see the offensive line holding up in this game, and TCU will make us one dimensional after stopping the run most of the game putting way too much pressure on Daxx.

Taylor York - If my incessant complaining that this team plays down to its opponent is true, then we will finally have a great game to watch. That's a good thing, because I'll be there in person. TCU is one tough cookie on both sides of the ball. OSU's saving grace is that Boykin is indeed hurt. 34-21 OSU

Nick Tyler - TCU's D is too much for OSU's offense. OSU's defense is able to keep the team in the game but OSU's offense can't score enough...TCU 31-21

Derek Hatridge - Spencer's defense shows up in a stand-out performance, the offensive play calling provides more flavor than a Baskin Robbins and the Cowboys mirror the team we saw against Florida State and the Gundy Badger just smiles as the Pokes pull out a narrow victory. 38-37 OSU

Nick Lozanovski - 31-21 TCU, but its worse than it looked.

Colin Price - If the rumor about Gundy play calling is true: 38-31 OSU. If it is false: 45-31 TCU.

Graham Coffelt - 27-13 TCU. Anemic offense is still anemic even though playbook opens up slightly.

Steve Dodson - 38-18 TCU. The "Gurcich" offense serves Oklahoma State fans another dose of indigestion, but Boykin is indeed limp-wristed and the TCU offense fails to score 40 points. Grogan provides most of the points for Oklahoma State, including a new career long.

Chris Ross -Oklahoma State 34 - TCU 27. The biggest factor may be whether or not TCU comes out with energy or not. Glenn Spencer and the defense has been strong all season, but have gotten little help from the other side of the ball. I expect Gundy to take more control of the offense this week, and come up with a game plan to get the Cowboys in rhythm. Hopefully it all comes together, and the Pokes can steal one.

Cade Webb - If Gundy calls the plays; 41-35 OSU. If Yurcich calls the plays; 35-31 TCU. This is a game that we actually match up pretty well in. Our strength is the deep ball, and TCU's corners are about as weak as they've ever been. Attack them all day with Ateman and Washington and I love our chances. Still MUST find a way to run the football.

Josh Poteet - Behind our fearless leader, King Daxx, the mighty Cowboys squash the Horned Frogs on a last second field goal by the "best kicker in the nation" (lol) and end up knocking TCU off 31-28.

Robert Whetsell - TCU 42-21.

Well there you have it. Six of the staff thinks OSU will lose this game, while the rest think they'll barely escape. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this as the game this week might be the first time we can really grade this team since FSU.