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Beat The Bookie: CRFF Handicaps Week 8

It has to turn around for at some point right?

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Our second week of picks is in the books, and uh... we would like a mulligan. This has not been a good start. Hopefully we can get things turned around this week. Otherwise I'm going to have to quit just so I can show my face in public.

Week 7 Results
Rank Player lock Record
1 Derek Hatridge Lost 3-2-0
2 Evan Jones Won 2-3-0
3 Nick Tyler Won 1-4-0
T-4 Gerald Tracy Lost 1-4-0
T-4 Josh Poteet Lost 1-4-0
T-6 Chris Ross Lost 0-5-0
T-6 Thomas Fleming Lost 0-5-0

1 Derek Hatridge 4-5-1 .450 0-2-0 .000
2 Evan Jones 4-6-0 .400 1-1-0 .500
3 Chris Ross 3-6-1 .350 1-1-0 .500
4 Nick Tyler 1-4-0 .200 1-0-0 1.000
5 Josh Poteet 1-4-0 .200 0-1-0 .000
6 Gerald Tracy 1-8-1 .150 0-2-0 .000
7 Thomas Fleming 0-9-1 .050 0-2-0 .000
T-8 Nick Lozanovski 0-0-0 .000 0-0-0 .000
T-8 Cory Treece 0-0-0 .000 0-0-0 .000

We'll give it another shot though, here's everyone's picks for this week! If you chose to fade our picks, I wouldn't blame you.


Texas A&M at Alabama Bama -13.5
Saban mad. Saban angry. SABAN SMASH. Tide rolls easy.
Kansas State at Oklahoma OU -7
The Sooners about gave the game to Texas last week. It'll be another nail biter in Norman, but Sooners pull out the W.
Tennessee at Mississippi Ole Miss Lock Of The Week -16.5
Who would have thought that this matchup would lose its luster? Still, Muschamp gonna Muschamp and the Tiger geaux home victorious.
Notre Dame at Florida State ND +11.5
The luck be with the Irish on this night, they take down the defending champs. No other commentary, just a prediction of pain.
Oklahoma State at TCU OSU +10
The Horned Frogs are finally looking like the team we thought they would coming into the Big 12. But Gundy is calling the shots. And Gundy doesn't want to mess around. Pokes win, party in the Stockyards afterwards.

Notre Dame at Florida State ND Lock Of The Week +11.5
FSU hasn't blown anybody out (of worth) and most of their games against good opponents have been within a TD.  I can't believe the #2 team vs #5 team is such a high differential, but they don't build 80 story casinos in the desert because they give away a lot of money... I'm going against Vegas and like the Fighting Irish to keep the game close for sure, but I'm calling for a victory.
Iowa State at Texas Over 44
I hope these two teams give us a game as good as they did last year, complete with a hosing of ISU on a terrible call.  I have a hard time seeing only 44 points scored in this game, especially since in Austin. Get Weird.
Tennessee at Mississippi Over 46.5
I still can't believe the Rebels are what they are.  But no matter how good they get, they'll never have a QB that mastered the "Derp" face as Eli.  Ole Miss hangs 50 on the Vols.
Washington at Oregon Oregon -20.5
A dog will somehow get worked over by a duck this weekend.  Mallards can be vicious (what kind of duck are the Oregon Ducks? Judging by their mascot, they're just a farm raised bird... But I'm saying they're mallards.)
Oklahoma State at TCU Under 62
I think I've said before that I hate picking my OSU Cowboys games, right? Right.  So I don't have to pick them to lose, I'm going with the under here, because the over has burnt me twice and I suck at picking Cowboys games.

Marshall at Florida International Marshall -21.5
The Thundering Herd is trampling everyone in their path. Another game, another big victory.
Virginia at Duke Virginia +3
Duke hurt me last week, so hopefully they'll pay be back this week. Virginia's only losses are to Top 25 opponents, and I expect them to give the Blue Devils problems.
Georgia at Arkansas Georgia Lock Of The Week -3.5
Arkansas is in the middle of a grind, and I think we see some signs of wear this week. Georgia is a lot better than Alabama as well. Dawgs run away in this one.
Michigan State at Indiana MSU -15.5
I just don't think Indiana is very good. The Spartans should win this one easily.
Oklahoma State at TCU Over 62
I'm hoping for an Oklahoma State victory despite any signs of life from the offense. About the only thing I'm sure of is there will be more than 62 points scored in this one.

Baylor at West Virginia BU -7.5
Baylor is coming off a big win but Bryce Petty and the Bears continue their momentum going into the game in Norman.
Stanford at Arizona State Stanford Lock Of The Week -3.5
Stanford is a really good football team, especially on defense. They hold ASU to little success on offense and win somewhat comfortably.
Michigan State at Indiana MSU -15.5
Texas A&M still has a lot to figure out but Kyle Field will provide the advantage aTm needs to take down Ole Miss.
Mississippi at Tennessee Ole Miss -16.5
Tennessee lost to Florida 9-10. That is all that is important in this pick.
Oklahoma State at TCU OSU +10
I have been going back and forth on this matchup. This pick is more with my heart then my head. All signs point to TCU coming out and putting a beating on OSU but I feel like OSU hangs around. That being said Gundy has been warning us that this team is not very good. This weekend could show if he is being truthful or if we are seeing the Gundy badger.

Texas A&M at Alabama Bama Lock Of The Week -13.5
As A&M continues to go down 'hill' the Tide Rolls.
Kansas State at Oklahoma K-State +7
EMAW. Snyder pulls another rabbit, or wild cat, out of his hat this week in Norman.
Notre Dame at Florida State FSU -11.5
I think ND can win this, but they won't. FSU wins and now that the rest of their schedule is favorable, we talk about how much of the team may or may not be arrested by the time playoffs start.
Baylor at West Virginia WVU +7.5
WVU wins! Baylor runs into a scrappy team and gets obliterated while visiting a hostile site. Sound familiar guys?
Oklahoma State at TCU OSU +10
I'm taking Okstate. This game reminds everyone of what the team did to Baylor last year and everyone stops being so mad about being 5-1.

Fresno State at Boise State Fresno +17
Fresno State is coming fresh off of a tough loss versus UNLV and will play the Broncos for The Battle of the Milk Can; I'm sure everyone will be turned into this one (sneer). While I can see Boise winning this game, I can't see them winning by 17 - I take the underdog.
Utah at Oregon State Utah -2
The Utes are a solid football team, recently proving their worth with a win over UCLA. They should be more than ready for an average Beaver team, even with the game in Corvallis - the Utes cover.
Notre Dame at Florida State ND Lock Of The Week +11.5
The Golden Domes look to play an overrated FSU group that's recently been the center of a bunch of negative media attention; Jameis is possibly getting paid for autographs, Jimbo apparently has no sense of morals - you know, the usual. I won't say that the Irish win, but the 'Noles will not cover this week, and frankly, for pure reasons of ethics, we should all be praying for a ND victory - I'm going with the underdog.
Tennessee at Mississippi Ole Miss -16.5
The Volunteers will be huge underdogs to the Rebels, and they should be scared of this physical football team and a stadium full of those ever-so intimidating red pom poms of death - the Rebels roll.
Oklahoma State at TCU OSU +10
Well, well, well - this one really got me. WIll the Pokes' offense look better than that cluster-disaster last week? Can the defense hold an explosive Frog offense at bay? Can the Cowboys steal a win against a pissed-off TCU squad? So many questions, but I'm not picking against my favorite team - there's plenty of time for that in the next two months. I don't think they'll win, but they'll keep it within 10 - TCU does not cover.
Nick Lozanovski

Eastern Michigan at Massachusetts UMass -14
Notre Dame at Florida State ND +11.5
That's a big number...
Tennessee at Mississippi Over Lock Of The Week +46.5
I'll take the over.
Kansas at Texas Tech TTU -13
I'll take Tech.
Oklahoma State at TCU OSU +10
I'll take OSU.
Cory Treece

Kansas State at Oklahoma K-State +7
K-State seems to always play OU close, and I think they have enough experience to beat OU this year. Tyler  Lockett is going to give the Sooners fits underneath, and over the top depending on how they choose to play him. I think this is going to be one of the most entertaining games of the weekend./td>
Texas A&M at Alabama Bama -13.5
I have a very hard time believing Bama will come out flat again this week. They'll get back to a steady dose of the run game with Yelden and Henry. I think K. Trill will have a hard time against the defense as well.
Notre Dame at Florida State FSU -11.5
I believe this is Notre Dame's first true road game, and FSU is an extremely tough place to play. Winston is probably looking to take some frustration out on the Irish with all the off the field crap. I think it could very easily be a blowout.
Baylor at West Virginia WVU Lock Of The Week -7.5
Baylor is in for a very rude awakening playing in Morgantown. I think Trickett is extremely underrated as far as Big 12 QB's go, and if TCU can hang 58 on them, I certainly think WVU can do the same. This should be a really fun game to watch.
Oklahoma State at TCU TCU -10
I just can't overlook the slow starts OSU has had the last 3 weeks. The competition is ramping up quickly, and I thing TCU's front 7 will harass the run game to the point that Garman will have to throw close to 50 times to beat them, which is a recipe for disaster.