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INSTANT RECAP: TCU 42, Oklahoma State 9

The second half of the season is upon us, and the outlook is what we thought it would be.

Ronald Martinez

Several decent offensive possessions in the first half managed only FG's, and the defense finally ran out of gas. Some young defensive players made a couple of mistakes that resulted in scores, but the abject failure of the offensive side of the ball to muster TD's was the main culprit of OSU's undoing.

TCU definitely came out fired up and came after the weakness of OSU's defense...that young secondary. Ramon Richards was picked on all day.

The one thing we have definitely discovered is that Garman can't get the hang of reading the shorter routes. He can either throw sideways or deep, but he struggles mightily to make good reads on the intermediate stuff, which would take the pressure off an offensive line that is clearly a huge project.

But the clear lack of imagination in route running and play calling is shocking.

Tyreek Hill continues to get very limited touches, and the way he is used is infuriating. I truly don't understand what the difficulty is in getting him the ball in space, or utilizing him in a way that puts the defense in conflict. How many 2nd and 15 hand offs did we see that went nowhere?

I'm hanging it up for tonight. I've got to do some contemplating before I fully engage in analyzing this 2nd half performance:

-OSU ran 18 offensive plays

-Two 3 and outs and the Garman INT on the first play of a possession

-Made 2 first downs

-Never crossed the 50

-Garman was 0-3 and an INT

We've been talking about how the last 6 games of the season could be brutal, and it's shaping up to be just that. The Cowboys will be fortunate to become bowl eligible, and Gundy's streak of winning seasons might be in jeopardy.