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CRFF Staff Predictions: Oklahoma State vs Iowa State

It's the sixth week of college football and while a lot of good games are on, the Cyclones shouldn't be much competition for the Cowboys.

Brett Deering

Number 21 Oklahoma State continues conference play this Saturday with an 11 a.m. kickoff against Iowa State. Since this isn't in Ames we can safely assume a win against a team that hasn't won much in the past two years, only beating Tulsa, Kansas, WVU and Iowa.

So the staff got together and picked the game and this might be the first time they are all on the same page.

Cory Treece - 52-17 OSU. The offense finally gets in a rhythm. The running backs combine for over 200 yards rushing, Garman throws 4 TDs, the defense gets at least 1 pick 6, and the starters will be resting by the 4th quarter (minus Garman since they are trying to redshirt Rudolph.)

Colin Price - 45-17 Cowboys. Defense gets the Cyclones reeling and keeps them there. No one can cover Ateman's size, Washington's acrobatics, or Hill's speed so the deep ball will be unstoppable and plentiful because #FIIGD. Hill spends more time in the slot.  Roland gets multiple TDs but barely gets 100 yards.

Graham Coffelt - Daxx improves a little more, but the play calling is still restrictive. The chemistry is building though so that helps. Defense answers after a sub-par performance last week. Final Score: 34-10

Robert Whetsell - 52-24, if we can't beat them worse than Tech, we're in trouble.

Steve Dodson - 42-21 Cowboys. Cyclones get a late TD in garbage time to make the game look closer than it was. The OSU defense has multiple POTW candidates while Daxx and the offense practice their short to intermediate passes.

Dekota Gregory - Apparently great minds think a like, 52-24. Garman will get national attention after this week's performance and will hit Tyreek for 2 scores

Parker Schultz - 48-21. This is the game where we finally get something going on the ground. Daxx continues to air it out, and OSU gets an easy win.

Cade Webb - 55-17. ISU corners won't be able to cover down the field or intermediate routes. Defense comes to play in a big way. This game won't be close.

Josh Poteet - 63 - 20 Good guys. I think this is the week that the team really puts up a lot of points. Expect Daxx to throw for 400 and 5 TDs, Roland to have 2, Tyreek to have 1, and the defense to have 1. Good day to be a Poke!

Taylor  York - 45 - 21. Offense will be slightly better than recent weeks, but they will still hold back most of the playbook. Defense will be slightly maddening but good enough. Bad tackling one play followed by amazing forced fumble on the next. Lots of playing time for the youngins.

Chris Ross - Okay, the whole "in trouble" thing has to go. This team is who we thought they were going to be. If anything, they're on the better side of expectations. If we're all looking for a team that expects to challenge for the Big 12 crown, we might as well just come back next year. There are a lot of positives to take away from the first 4 games, and there's still potential to strengthen as the season goes on. 35 - 17 Oklahoma State

Gerald Tracy (me) - Oklahoma State is a team that I want to think can beat anyone, but comes out and plays the way they did last Thursday against Tech. The defense, while many consider it a strength, is still allowing almost 30 points a game (currently at 27). This game will be a thriller offensively with some defensive headaches, but Iowa State is bad enough to where they still don't score more than 20. 54-20 OSU.

Gunter Sharp - 55-13. This will be Hill's breakout week with over 300 APY and 4 TD's. Dax throws for 4. Roland for 2.