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K-State vs OU, As Told By Sooner "Fans"

Instead of wallowing in the disappointment of an Oklahoma State loss, let's remind ourselves it could be worse. Not every fanbase is loyal and true.

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Well, I doubt anyone wants to relive the massacre in Fort Worth, so I looked elsewhere for this week's edition of "As Told By The Fans". There were a few great games to choose from, but one stood out in particular.

Admittedly, It's been a tough year for Sooner Nation. Multiple players with violence against women issues, living legend Adrian Peterson has fallen from grace, serious charges filed against the football Chaplain, and the band took a full page ad out of the largest newspaper in the state to complain about their director and the OU administration.

So when The Kansas State Wildcats marched into Norman and reminded the Sooners of who they were just before their big Sugar Bowl victory, it was more than some could bare.

Normally impressive Michael Hunnicutt turned "Honey-Boo-Boo" with 2 missed field goals, and a blocked extra point that ended up being the difference in the game.

The collapse of the football team has a few "fans" headed for the exits permanently. Some have cancelled season tickets, even more are thinking about it, and of course it wouldn't be a Sooner loss if there wasn't at least one "Fire Bob Stoops". Here's the game according to the OU fans.


We better see something different from this team today. The last couple weeks have done little to inspire confidence.

If this starts going like last week. I don't think I'll even be able to watch.

D at least looks better so far.


And just like that our season could go up in smoke.

Oh no.

Is Bell just not an option at all at QB?

And a personal foul to go with it.

Unbelievable that one play could have such disastrous consequences.

Waters part and Perrine goes to the Promised Land.

Knight looking healthy. That's a relief

For him... not for the team.

Oh Lord!!

Put Bell under center and run the freaking ball for 1st down!

So you have a QB whose a china doll, can't throw and you won't run him. Why is he your QB again?

The slot WR was not covered on third down.

Because even the guy selling hot dogs and water knew the play call.

Horrible punt.

LOL that was a huge sack.

Delay of game coming out of a TV timeout, wonderful!!



That was a horrible play call, and even worse execution.

That play was one of the worst I've EVER seen at any level of football.

Did someone hog-tie Heupel?? BOOMER!!

We are such a Jeckel and Hyde team this year. We make great plays and make and give up terrible plays back to back!

This defense can't cover anyone. Ranked #107 in the nation in pass defense.

He had all day, this defense is not very good......again......

Snyder is out coaching us bad right now.

The Big 12 is either the best conference in America or the Sooners are not a legit Final Four contender.

Huge conversion on 3rd and 11.

The left side of the line is struggling.

This is bad. Really bad.


Michael Cunnihutt??? At least he corrected it in the next sentence.

Announcers jinxed him!

That wasn't Hunnicutt, that was Cunnihutt.

HALFTIME (Kansas State 21 - Oklahoma 17)

It is going to take a MAJOR amount of Sooner Magic to pull out the win in this one against a Bill Snyder coached team.

Come on Thomas, you've got to make contact and slow the runner down at the VERY least.

What a catch by Shep!

Most guys have grass stains on their jersey.... Shepard has paint stains on his.

Blake Bell!!!!


This defense stinks.

Three weeks in a row now the defense has been shredded by dual-threat guys.

We are easily confused.

Easiest drive I ever seen.... No emotion, no resistance.

It may be time to face it.... four losses this year might be a success.

It has been THAT kind of day. Now the only question is... how many plays before K-State gets their next TD.



Eventually they will quit calling them upsets....

Next contract adjustment for Stoops, Incentives should be tied to waste of TOs.

Unreal.... who almost gets a delay of game in a "hurry up" offense?

TOUCHDOWN Knight to Neal!

TD! About Time!

Wow.... Hunnicutt seems to have lost it.

Poor blocking up front rather than Honey-boo-boo.

You gotta be kidding me!

So, Is that the Game? Are we losing by 1 point now? Seriously?

Playoffs!!! Playoffs!!! You talking about Playoffs!?!?

Gotta Go to the Bathroom... To take my antidepressant!

Finally got some pressure because the play took so long to develop.


Here we go again, wasting timeouts??!!

OK, The defense did their part. Now let's go O!

I Love Football...I Hate Football...I Love Football... I'm getting too old to watch anymore!

Can we get a little creativity here?

What a terrible play call Heupel!


That is Karma from the Texas game.

I hate this team.

This is unbelievable!

Is this what it feels like to be a Texas fan?

What's Happened to Hunnicutt?

Looking at an unranked team come Monday.

I'm embarrassed.

I just do not see how this team is going to win 3 of the next 5 games.

The Wizard abuses us yet again.

EFF this, man, what a waste of time.

This entire season and the expectations were built off of the performance in the Sugar Bowl. Now I completely and totally believe Nick Saban when he said Alabama did not try.

WTF happened to the Defense??

Time to make some changes, Stoops. This is unacceptable.

I know my family had already made the decision to drop our season tickets.... this confirms it. We stayed home today, but there are just too many times driving back from Norman completely upset. This team will never win #8 under Stoops.

Starting to lean that way, especially if they can't parlay that huge Sugar Bowl win into some menial success.

I'm done for the rest of the season. I'm going to enjoy my Saturday's.

It's time for a complete flush of the coaching staff. Stoops included. Can't recruit as shown by lack of depth. Kids don't wanna come to OU because they know he isn't gonna have this team ready to win out a season and can't win big games.

FINAL (Kansas State 31 - Oklahoma 30)