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OSU's loss caused a precipitous drop in this week's standings.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

King and I are in agreement about the bottom half (and unfortunately the Cowboys are a part of that group), but the top half is completely different.


1. Kansas State

Snyder is going to roll the Big 12 for taking away 90% of his game day wardrobe.

2. TCU.

You get this spot because you have one loss and you've already played both Baylor and OU.

3. Baylor

Lose in Morgantown, you don't get to be #2.

4. Oklahoma

Hey Bob, you should only play the Wildcats in Manhattan. So much for the CFB Playoff and Trevor Knight's Heisman.

​5. West Virginia

Can't rank you above OU, who you lost to at home, but you're right in the mix for the Big 12 title, so keep burning couches.

6. Texas

At least to you didn't play the #1 team in the country to within a TD of winning and get everyone's expectations up. We always knew you would be mediocre this season.

7. Oklahoma State

One loss never felt so large. The entire fan base would take bowl eligibility right now and call it good.

8. Texas Tech

You beat Kansas, so you're not last.

9. Iowa State

The last place bowl is coming Nov 8.

10. Kansas

Well at least you don't have to worry about kicking to Tyreek Hill the rest of this season.​


1: Texas Christian

Aside from one miserable quarter, they've played the best football in the Big 12. Though we suck so bad we almost gave Kansas their first Big 12 W this year.

2: Kansas State

Survived, and that's what it's about. Snyder black magic managed to over-ride gooner magic. I set the over/under on the amount of times the OU kicker is abused last night at 4.5.

3: West Virginia

We'll see how next week goes, but I'm hoping they're super hungover and we can pull out number 6.

4: Baylor

Lead the nation in arrogant fans and penalty yards

5: Oklahoma

Well, they're still better than us. Hey, this is the kind of year we usually win bedlam.


Continued their tradition of stomping on the Clones souls. Well played.

7: Oklahoma State

Was there a game this week? I can't remember.

8: Texas Tech

Hey you beat Kansas, good job.

9: Iowa State

I comes before K, so that's how they earned 9th.

10: Kansas