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BREAKING: Jhajuan Seales and Juwan Offray Arrested For Public Intoxication

The standout wide receiver, and backup corner for Oklahoma State were found asleep in a Whataburger drive-thru.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Just hours after the Oklahoma State football team was dismantled in Fort Worth, sophomore receiver Jhajuan Seales and freshman corner Juwan Offray were arrested at the Whataburger in Stillwater, OK. They were arrested on suspicion of public intoxication after being found asleep at the wheel in the drive-thru.

From the Tulsa World:

"Both males were totally asleep and oblivious to anything going on around them," one of the officers stated in the report.

The police report indicates that the officers awakened Seales and Offray by knocking on the car windows. Seales and Offray "seemed very lethargic and confused" and "their eyes were red and watery with a glassy appearance," the report states.

More from the officers' report: "I observed Seales trying to turn the vehicle off and he seemed very confused and unable to possess even the manual dexterity to simply turn the key to the off position. In fact, (Offray) had to physically help Seales turn the vehicle off."

"When Jhajuan opened the driver-side door," one of the officers reported, "I was immediately overwhelmed with a very strong odor associated with an alcoholic beverage coming from the car."

It was a potentially dangerous situation as the car was apparently in drive with Seales' foot on the brake. Thankfully officers arrived and took control of the situation when they did.

According to the report Seales admitted to have been drinking, but Offray wasn't as cooperative. He reportedly denied consuming any alcohol, and gave the police officers a false name. After arriving at the jail, it was discovered he had provided an incorrect name, and Offray then admitted to have given the name of a friend. Offray received an additional complaint of hampering for his efforts.

Both players were released from jail after posting bond. The football status of Seales and Offray has not yet been addressed by the school.

It's also worth noting that Jhajuan Seales was not issued a DUI.