Joseph Randle Now Has An Endorsement Deal For Underwear


Former Oklahoma State running back was arrested last week for stealing underwear and cologne from a Dillards store. So it makes perfect sense that this week Randle lands an underwear endorsement deal.

Yahoo! has more on the deal:
"Under the auspice of penance, MeUndies head of marketing and business development Dan King said Randle also will donate $15,000 or more worth of underwear and other clothing to needy children and will make public-service appearances at Dallas-area schools to warn children and students about learning from their mistakes."

"There is no excuse for my mistake last week, and I take full responsibility for my actions," Randle said. "I let down my coaches, teammates, and family. My agent and I have spent a lot of time looking for ways I can turn my situation into a learning experience for young people."

'Murica everybody!

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