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Oklahoma State Cowboys in the NFL: Week 7

Let's take a quick break from work on this beautiful day to take a glance at how our favorite former Cowboys did in this week's Cowboys in the NFL post!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I am a huge baseball fan.

You probably don't think that's even relevant to this post, but I promise you it is.

I am also a huge fan of underwear.

You might know the relevancy of that topic in regards to this post, but if you don't, you will shortly.

I got into a discussion with a friend this week about which sport was better, baseball or football. Being a huge baseball fan also means realizing that the sport is dying. With the World Series coming up it will be interesting to see which sport gets better ratings. Traditionally, football has done better primarily because FOOTBALL IS THE BEST SPORT THAT HAS EVER EXISTED AND I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU SAY.

Seriously though, because football is so fantastic we like to follow our favorite players all the way through high school, college, and professional football. As a result it is time for this week's post where we tune in to how former OSU Cowboys did in the NFL this past week.

I'll get to the underwear later...

Dan Bailey (Cowboys) - Another week in the books and another win in the books for the Dallas Cowboys. Their 6-1 start is partially due to the success that former Poke Dan Bailey has had. He improved to 14-15 this week with a 49-yard field goal.

Dez Bryant (Cowboys) - Desmond Demond Bryant is an absolute freak. Against the Giants this weekend the former All-American grabbed nine passes for 151 yards. What makes his day even more impressive is the fact that he only had two catches for 15 yards at the half. He changed his visor at halftime in the locker room and went on to grab seven more passes in the second half. Although he didn't score a TD for the second straight week he still had a fantastic day.

Perrish Cox (49ers) - Unlike the two Cowboys mentioned above him, Perrish Cox did not have a good day. Despite having the best start to his career, he struggled against an explosive Denver offense. He only managed two tackles and got beat multiple times by the Denver receivers.

Justin Gilbert (Browns) - Despite an embarrassing loss to the worst team in the NFL, Justin Gilbert finally had a good game. He has struggled all year until this week. He defended the pass well, albeit against the Jags. He had two tackles in the loss.

Charlie Johnson (Vikings) - Another average week for a lineman on a terrible team. Johnson gave up a sack against the Bills, who believe it or not have the most sacks in the NFL with 24.

Russell Okung (Seahawks) - Things are getting bad in Seattle; players are fighting each other and the team is struggling. They've dropped to 3-3 after a loss to the St. Louis Rams this week (LOL). On the bright side, Russell Okung wasn't called for any penalties so that's a plus.

Brandon Pettigrew (Lions) - At one point Pettigrew came to the sideline and spiked his helmet into the ground. The spike didn't come as a result from his poor play, but rather due to his health. Pettigrew caught a season high four passes for 28 yards in a win over New Orleans on Sunday despite injury his right ankle/foot during the game.

Joseph Randle (Cowboys) - #UnderwearGate. Last week it was reported that Randle was arrested for shoplifting from a Dillards. What did he steal? Underwear and cologne. A man that makes nearly $500k is stealing undies and cologne from a department store. Today it was reported that Randle inked an endorsement deal with MeUndies. It was great that Randle gave me something to write about on his blurb because he only had two carries for seven yards against the Giants. I told you that I would talk about underwear today!

Antonio Smith (Raiders) - I am really starting to feel bad for Antonio Smith. His team is now 0-6 and is getting mocked by Darnell Dockett. Smith had one tackle in a loss to the Cardinals this weekend. He has nine tackles on the year.

Kevin Williams (Seahawks) - Williams played but you wouldn't know by looking at the stat sheet since he had no tackles in a loss to the Rams. Williams has to pick it up if the Seahawks want to get back in the drivers seat of the NFC.


I was tempted to put Joe Randle just for giggles but it would be a travesty of justice as Bryant had another great week. Bryant continues to march his way up the ranks of best receivers in the NFL. He now has 45 catches for 590 yards on the season.