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Joe Wickline is Suing Oklahoma State

A big legal battle is about to breakout between OSU and a former coach.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It was a busy day yesterday for Oklahoma State attorneys. First it was announced that OSU filed a lawsuit against New Mexico State University over the use of Pistol Pete, and then more legal news broke when the Austin American-Statesman reported that former Offensive Line Coach Joe Wickline is suing the Cowboys.

From the Austin American-Statesman report:

The same day Wickline was announced as Texas' new offensive coordinator and offensive line coach, OSU officials hurriedly forwarded a copy of his contract to the American-Statesman. There was a noticeable clause. According to the contract, Wickline would owe OSU the balance of his contract unless he was named offensive coordinator "with play-calling duties" or went to the NFL. At the time, Wickline was signed at OSU through 2016.

All Austin-based media who cover the team daily now refer to quarterbacks coach Shawn Watson as the team's play caller. Texas officials have never disputed this or made any effort to correct anyone.

Then on May 6, OSU sent another letter and "claimed that coach Wickline was lying about his position" and that Texas officials were "attempting to aid" him in avoiding the terms of the deal. OSU claimed that UT gave Wickline "the misleading title of offensive coordinator."

It's a little strange for someone to file a lawsuit in this kind of situation until you realize the amount of money involved, and that it was actually Oklahoma State that first filed suit again Joe Wickline.

On October 17, a lawsuit was filed by OSU in Payne County on the claim that Joe Wickline breached his contract terms. Wickline's contract at OSU was set to expire in 2016. If he were to leave early he must pay the remainder of his contract, and at $593,478 it's no small amount. In order for Wickline to avoid paying the penalty the contract states that his new job either be in the NFL, or if he was given the title of Offensive Coordinator and had play calling duties. This clause was built in to prevent Wickline from taking the same job at another school, which is what Mike Holder suggests Wickline did.

"Wickline is neither the offensive coordinator, nor does he have play calling duties", states OSU's lawsuit.

Wickline cites that he has been calling plays for the Longhorns and this is just an attempt to interfere with the relationship with him and his new employer. He also cited "injury and emotional anguish" in his case.