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BUY or SELL? Mason Rudolph Plays This Season

Should Mason Rudolph be given a shot to see what he can do this season?

Ronald Martinez

Just a few days ago WWLS  radio personality and KFOR News Channel 4 sports anchor, Bob Barry, Jr., said that he wouldn't be surprised if freshman Mason Rudolph played before the end of the season.

Pistols Firing Blog was able to grab the audio

Daxx Garman doesn't seem to be improving since filling in for the injured J.W. Walsh, and last week was one of his worst performances yet.

The offensive line isn't doing Daxx any favors, but that's unlikely to change. Walsh was able to compensate somewhat by being able to extend plays with his feet. Opponents also had to respect his ability to take off which kept linebackers at bay. Daxx isn't nearly as mobile though, and defenses are selling out on the blitz.

As Garman continually picks himself up, and dusts himself off, the coaches have seemed determined to keep Rudolph's redshirt on, but his ability to run might be just what the Pokes need to get the offense moving forward again. So we ask you....

BUY or SELL? Mason Rudolph plays this season.

Should OSU think about playing Rudolph, or save the young QB for next season? Can Daxx stay healthy? What do you think?