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Make your predictions for the OSU vs. WVU game!

Even Pete doesn't want to watch.
Even Pete doesn't want to watch.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Can we sue TCU for "mental anguish", too?

Anyway, let's look past our awful, terrible, no good game and focus on West Virginia and homecoming!

(This will end in sadness and tears, too. You've been warned)

Let's get it.

1. How bad are we going to lose? I guess if you somehow managed to not see the TCU game or the score, you can predict OSU winning.

2. Who has more catches Glidden or Sheperd? How many?

3. How many touchdowns will OSU score?

4. More Grogan field goals or more offensive touchdowns?

5. Number of angry tweets about the Greeks clearing out at halftime?

6. O/U number of Tyreek offensive touches at 7?

7. More Ogbah sacks or WVU turnovers?

8. How many plays over 30 yards does OSU give up?

9. How many times does Daxx get sacked?

10. Chances that Holgo partakes in the Homecoming festivities?

Go Pokes!