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QUESTIONS WITH THE ENEMY: The Mountaineers are happy

Three rough seasons in the Big 12 greeted West Virginia. Has Dana turned things around? Oh, and Pokemon.

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Our friends at The Smoking Musket had a few things to share about the Mountaineers' season. It didn't make me feel any better.

Big thanks to Matt Kirchner for lending his insights. You can see my responses here.

1. Based on the previous couple of seasons in the Big 12, would it be safe to say that Mountaineer fans couldn't be happier with how this season has played out so far?

Yup. This has been a perfect storm. Offense has been great and the defense has shocked a ton of people. Holgorsen has definitely saved his job and I couldn't be happier. It's been a great season and the lack of struggles during the season has kept a stellar 2015 recruiting class together.

2. If you see anything resembling "kryptonite" for Dana and Company, what might that look like? (and can you let us know where it is?)

Teams that can get to the QB scare the bejesus out of me. It's a rhythm based offense and sacks really kill that.
Also, we've been really bad against teams with giant, scary, monster running backs like Derrick Henry and Perrine.

3. What are the main factors in West Virginia's improvement this season?

Experience and health. We were a mess of skill players who had never seen the same field last year and it showed. Kevin White and Mario Alford came on at the end of last season and continued reps have just made them better.
Other than that, Clint Trickett's arm being attached to his shoulder has been really cool.

4. ​Holgorsen had a pretty rough go of it for his first 3 years, but seems to have turned a corner. Any particular thing you can point to that indicated this would be a different season for him, and the team, before the season started?

I'll be honest, I came in to this season hoping for the best and expecting the worst. I thought we'd be better but thought the schedule was too brutal for the record to really show it. I didn't really get the sense that this team could really do things until they went punch for punch with the Tide.

5. Back to do you see this game?

I think WVU comes out on top but it's gonna be closer than a ton of people think. This is a classic set up for the ol' "WVU poops themselves" game, but I actually have a ton of faith in this staff to keep their heads in the game and not have anyone looking ahead to TCU next week.

(Bonus) From my son....If you could only pick three Pokemon, who would it be and why?

Alakazam and Dragonite are my bros for life dating back to my first ever Pokémon League victory back in Pokémon Blue. And then Bouffalant because it's a bull with an afro.

Let's get fired up for Homecoming and the Mountaineers!!!