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Picks From Joes: Going Home Edition

There is only one way to get over the sting of a terrible loss; a massive hangover.

Ronald Martinez

Fall is in the air, the Pokes have already given up on the season, and sorority girls are more stressed out than when they're waiting on those test results at the clinic; yes friends it's homecoming. Sadly I won't be attending Walkaround this year, as I managed to break both of my feet at work yesterday (roughnecks, as it turns out, are a clumsy breed. And while he was indeed wearing an OU shirt, that had no impact on his getting fired for taking out the engineer. But I did smile.) What are we drinking this week? There can be only one, Pabst Blue Ribbon. Sure there are better tasting beers, and there are stronger beers, but PBR is the perfect beer for getting drunk while moving. A 6 pack of tallboys is easy to lug around, and over the course of a couple hours it's wonderful intoxicating effects get you just drunk enough to really get drunk at the bar later. On to the picks:

Texas at Kansas State: The Stronghorns sit at 2-2 in the Big 12, while the Cat's are 3-0 and looking to lockdown control of the conference, and there isn't much that is funny about this game. Father time continues to allow Snyder to coach, Strong continues to kick off players, and I got nothing. Perhaps Tejas has sucked for so long I've forgotten to care, or I know that KSU will screw the pooch and drop a few games. Cat's win 42-22.

West Virginia at Oklahoma State: Knowing Dana, he's hoping to hang 70 on us this weekend. And knowing West Virginia, they'll probably lose this game. I don't know which will end up being more entertaining, this game or the fact that we're suing errbody. Personally I don't give two shits about NMSU, I just hope we get the 600k from Wickline. I don't care that he left, he's a douche so I'm glad he's gone, but he's the direct reason the line sucks so bad. He recruited like crap the past couple of years and left us with nothing, and our current line reflects that. I do find humor in Charlie "Mr. Integrity" Strong helping Wick weasel out of a contract. Dodging debts must be a core value of his. Oh and couches will burn and stuff, 'Neers win 36-17.

Texas Tech at Texas Christian: What did we learn last week? Well we learned that TCU fans are just as bad as every other Texas school fans, and that Tech is better than Kansas. One of those surprised me, one didn't. Personally I'm pulling hard for Tech, I'm still pissed about the Purple Haze going for it on 4th down up 30 in the 3rd quarter. Hopefully weather causes this game to be cancelled though, as the mix of STD's that Tech is rolling around with and the Ebola that Dallas is holding onto could create some super virus that'll wipeout mankind. Somehow I knew Tech would have a hand in that, Frogs win 45-7.

Go Pokes