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CRFF Predicts Homecoming

It's time for Americas Greatest Homecoming, and also time for Americas Greatest Writers to make their predictions for this weeks game.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State plays WVU in this years edition of homecoming and the team will get their chance at revenge for last years upset in Morgantown.

Although some are very pessimistic about this team, others are optimistic (although not among our staff). The young Cowboys will get their shot to upset one of the nations most surprising teams this weekend and are one point favorites as of right now. So what does the staff think of this?

Gerald Tracy - I want to be very positive and say we win big on homecoming and it's amazing, but I just don't see it. WVU by three in a heart breaking loss.

Robert Whetsell - Presuming Gundy keeps his head in the sand... 42-16 WVU

Cade Webb - I think (hope) the team comes out pissed off. If the pokes start slow again, this game will not be close. If OSU can find a way to put up a touchdown or two in the first quarter, I'll take OSU 38-28. If not, WV 31-17

Taylor York - Holgorsen smells blood in the water. Lost of stalled drives with one rushing TD. Ditto Robert, 42-16

Josh Poteet - Team comes in upset from last week, still gets slaughtered. WVU 38 - OSU 17

Cory Treece - 34-20 WVU. I think OSU keeps in interesting for a half, but the defense gets gashed late.

Gunter Sharp - 38-27 WVU

King - I will suffer alcohol poisoning sometime between 5pm Friday and 7am Sunday.I predict I will start at least one fight each with a Cowboy fan and a Mountaineer fan. I predict I will hate life and everything about it when this game is over.

Evan Jones - Put me down with King.

Nick Tyler - OSU comes out slow (shocker) and WVU jumps out early. OSU shows some fight and claws back in it but ultimately drops it as WVU puts it away late. WVU 42-31

Steve Dodson - 42-20 WVU The Cowboys manage to find the endzone, but it's not enough to overcome the fighting Holgos.

As you can see, none of the staff really thinks this will be a good homecoming for some but that's why we are writers and not players. What do the fans think about the game?