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Beat The Bookie: Betting College Football Week 9

Last week was a marked improvement, but we still have some ground to make up.

Ronald Martinez

This last week was considerably better than the first two. Almost everyone had a winning record! Hopefully we can build on this momentum, and get everybody back in the black!

Week 8 Results
Rank Player lock Record
T-1 Evan Jones Won 4-1-0
T-1 Thomas Fleming Won 4-1-0
T-1 Cory Treece Won 4-1-0
T-4 Derek Hatridge Won 3-2-0
T-4 Chris Ross Won 3-2-0
T-4 Gerald Tracy Won 3-2-0
7 Nick Lozanovski Lost 2-2-1
8 Nick Tyler Lost 2-3-0

Yes! We don't completely suck at this.

Before we get into this week's picks, here's the overall standings.

1 Cory Treece 4-1 .800 1-0-0 1.000
2 Evan Jones 8-7-0 .533 2-1-0 .667
3 Derek Hatridge 7-7-1 .500 1-2-0 .333
4 Nick Lozanovski 2-2-1 .500 0-1-0 .000
5 Chris Ross 6-8-1 .433 2-1-0 .667
T-6 Thomas Fleming 4-10-1 .300 1-2-0 .333
T-6 Gerald Tracy 4-10-1 .300 1-2-0 .333
8 Nick Tyler 3-7-0 .300 1-1-0 .500
9 Josh Poteet 1-4-0 .200 0-1-0 .000

Still not very pretty, but at least last week helped. Well, helped our ego's anyway. I'm not sure they helped you. At least before you could bank on fading our picks, but now anything can happen. Good luck!


Connecticut at East Carolina ECU -28
It's a big spread, but ECU is at home and coming off a bye. Also UConn is awful.
Boston College at Wake Forest BC -13.5
I like BC in this one. They've done well against the spread this year, and I think they continue to roll.
Alabama at Tennessee Bama -17
Nick Saban lit a fire last week, and I don't expect it to go out anytime soon. Tide rolls in this one.
Old Dominion at Western Kentucky WKU Lock Of The Week -10.5
Both of these teams have had a rough go of it the last couple of times out. Hidden in the numbers though is that Western Kentucky is 8th in the country in scoring while Old Dominion 116th in points allowed. WKU defense isn't anything to talk about but the HIlltoppers end up pulling away in a shootout.
West Virginia at Oklahoma State OSU -1
Welp, I've yet to get an OSU game right, but I can't pick against the Pokes on homecoming. It's a bad spot for WVU, and hopefully the Cowboys can pull this one out.

Oregon at California Oregon -18
The Ducks may not be as mighty as before, but they're still tough. Puddles parties in the endzone as Oregon rolls.
Mississippi State at Kentucky MSSTLock Of The Week -14
How happy are OSU fans that the Pokes didn't schedule MSU for this season? The Bulldogs enjoy that number one ranking and take down the Wildcats easily.
North Carolina at Virginia UVA -7
Not really entirely sure why I'm picking this one. Let's just call it a gut feeling and move on.
Texas Tech at TCU TCU -23
After watching that bizarre Thursday game between OSU & Tech and seeing the Horned Frogs last week, I don't think Kliff is going to enjoy himself this Saturday.
West Virginia at Oklahoma State OSU -1
Another gut call because this could easily get ugly, but let's just say Loyal and True combined with Homecoming has me picking the Pokes.

Mississippi at LSU Ole Miss Lock Of The Week -3.5
Ole Miss is rollin' and Les Miles is a bad loss away for searching for greener pastures to eat better grass.  I know this is a night game at LSU, which will make it tough, but there is no way that The Joker can pull enough crazy tricks out his ass to make this game close.  Rebels roll.
Alabama at Tennessee Bama -17
Bama smacked the Aggies around like a certain NFL running back did his wife last weekend.  The Saban Smash is in full stride as they head to Rocky Top, the only school who rivals OU in school song played most.  They won't have much of a reason to strike the band up Saturday.  Bama destroys Manning U and covers easy.
Mississippi State at Kentucky MSST -14
If I could, I would tease this down a half-point, but I'll take it anyway.  LSU put the smack down on Kentucky a few weeks back, and Miss State is several leagues above those Tigers.  I'm a little worried this may be a let down me after a big win over Auburn, but let us through caution into the wind.  Dogs win.
Minnesota at Illinois Illini +5.5
Remember Wes Lunt? Sure you do... Not a local news anchor or radio host has forgot about him and how he could be starting for OSU.  Welp, he's been dropping bombs all season, putting up great numbers.  Minnesota have been playing pretty well, but I like this game at home for the Fighting Illini. If I could put confidence points on this, they would be .01.
West Virginia at Oklahoma State OSU -1
This is where we are.  I have no reason to pick OSU to win, but they're my Cowboys, so I'm doing it anyway.  Can't we pick number of Red Bulls Holgo drinks, or how deep Gundy's jacket tuck is?

Mississippi State at Kentucky UK +14
I think that MSST is good but I don't think they're THAT good. I also think that Kentucky is going to play there best game of the year. MSST wins but by less than 15.
Texas Tech at TCU Tech +23
I'm going to ignore logic and use emotion to make this pick (bad decision). I think TCU wins but Tech keeps it close and comes close to upsetting them. TCU wins by 14 but not 23.
Michigan at Michigan State MSU Lock Of The Week -17
ALL HELL IS BREAKING LOSE IN ANN ARBOR. I'm a huge fan of seeing major programs fall apart while I laugh at them. If the line was Michigan State by 30 I would still take it! GO SPARTY GO!
Texas at Kansas State Texas +10
I love chaos. I think that somehow Texas pulls a miracle out of their rear end and upsets Kansas State in Manhattan. The real question, in my opinion, is whether or not Bill Snyder's windbreaker is zipped up or not.
West Virginia at Oklahoma State WVU +1
How the hell is Oklahoma State still favored to win this game? People around the country are much more optimistic than anyone here at CRFF. West Virginia wins big and still doesn't ruin homecoming because at OkState homecoming is more than a football game.

MInnesota at Illinois Minn -5.5
Oh Wes, why'd you have to go. The Gophers head to Champaign, IL to face a 3-4 Illinois team, and they are currently undefeated this season against unranked opponents. This one should be a fun matchup in the "powerhouse" that is the Big10, but with Lunt still injured, I've got my money on the Goph's - Minnesota covers.
Akron at Ball State Akron -1
When your game is on ESPN3, you know you've made it bigtime. In proportion to the teams around them, Akron isn't really that bad of a squad. Ball State will keep this one close, as they have in most of their games this season, but the favored team should come out with the W - Akron covers.
Nevada at Hawaii Nevada Lock Of The Week -2.5
The Wolfpack and Rainbow Warriors renew their rivalry in for the college football nightcap. Hawaii deserves to lose solely by having the name Rainbow Warriors - Wolfpack covers.
Mississippi at LSU Ole Miss -3.5
Hotty Toddy Y'all! This should be a good one in Death Valley, but I will do anything to see both Mississippi teams going into the Egg Bowl without a loss. I can hope, can't I? Ole Miss covers.
West Virginia at Oklahoma State Under 65.5
I laughed out loud when I saw the point line for this one - 65 1/2?! If they play like they have in the past couple of weeks, OSU might not score 65 points in the rest of their games combined. I'm crossing my fingers that they get something figured out, but that's what I said the week before that. And the week before that. And the week before that. I don't want to say that the Pokes will lose, because that truly hurts my heart, so I'll settle for taking the under.

Oregon at California Oregon -18
Mariota is really good. Without the slip-up with Arizona the Ducks may be the best team in the country.
UCLA at Colorado UCLA -14
Remember when Colorado was in the Big 12? Good times. Now instead of getting stomped by midwest region teams they're getting stomped by west coast teams.
Michigan at Michigan State MSU -17
Josh Furman's old team is NOT good. Michigan State's only loss is to a very good Oregon team. I think Michigan St. rolls.
Mississippi State at LSU MSSTLock Of The Week -3.5
I think LSU is overrated. Mississippi State is really good and could run the table in the SEC West. Can you imagine if both Mississippi school were undefeated when they play each other? Talk about red-neck battlegrounds.
West Virginia at Oklahoma State WVU +1
I just don't think OSU has the firepower on offense to keep up with West Virginia. Both teams seem to be going in different directions. If OSU is able to get this win I think its huge for putting them back on track.