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GAMEDAY GAMETHREAD: West Virginia at Oklahoma State

Buckle your seat belts boys and girls. Dana's comin, and offense is comin with him.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

A fairly quiet day in college football leaves the spotlight for West Virginia and Oklahoma State, who get the prime 3:30pm slot on ESPN.

Maybe that's not such a good thing.

The Cowboys already have one well publicized ass whooping on national TV under their belt, and West Virginia's offense is classic Dana Holgorsen stuff. Unless Tyreek Hill is planning on having around 350 yards from scrimmage, the OSU attack is NOT equipped to keep up with the Mountaineer assault. Gonna need some weird stuff to happen.

ESPN has gone all in on the Big 12 for the daytime schedule, featuring Texas @ Kansas State at noon. I wanna watch, but maybe I don't. If the Longhorns look good, OSU's bowl eligibility could be headed somewhere south of Yurcich's and Ford's coaching reputations (at least among Cowboys fans). FOX will carry the only other Big 12 game of the day, as TCU will be barbecuing Yosemite Sam Saturday night.

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