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Quick Recap: Yes (West) Virginia, We Suck Again

So, that happened. We played better than last week, the 'Neers played worse, and we lost by 24 points. FML baby, just FML.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Final Score: West Virginia 34 Oklahoma State 10

Let that sink in for a few minutes. Then punch yourself in the balls.

This recap is going to be the definition of quick. First, I hope Gundy fires Yurcich tonight. I don't care about the line, I don't care about the youth, the team I saw on offense was absolute and complete dog shit, and it's unacceptable. Let's look at our drives:

7 plays, 37 yards, Over on Downs

4 plays, 17 yards, Punt

7 plays, 50 yards, Interception

3 plays, 2 yards, Punt

7 plays, 32 yards, Field Goal

6 plays, 89 yards, Touchdown

9 plays, 74 yards, Missed Field Goal

3 plays, 8 yards, Punt

5 plays, 31 yards, Punt

3 plays, 4 yards, Punt

9 plays, 38 yards, Over on Downs

6 plays, 19 yards, Interception Returned For Touchdown

5 plays, 15 yards, Over on Downs

Some plays, some yards, something happened, I turned the game off.

Seriously, if Yurcich isn't fired I hope Gundy is. I don't want to go after a player, but Jesus H Tapdancing Christ, Daxx Garmon sucks donkey dick. He really really does. He hasn't hit a long ball in about 7 quarters. Speaking of quarters, we have exactly 1 touchdown in the past 10. And Gundy has packed it in this year, he just doesn't care about winning another game this year, he's "looking to next year." That's a loser mentality that rarely works out. You know what, it's my fault for caring about this season, I'm just not on board with playing for next year. There won't be any $100 handshakes from boosters this year, and we won't be making a bowl this year. From 9 wins to 5, kill me now.

Let me throw some expert analysis in: The offense is an abomination, the defense quick early in the 4th, and everybody sucks.

Everybody go out and get belligerently drunk and start fights and fires and stuff.

Go Pokes

Or don't I just don't care anymore