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FULL RECAP: West Virginia 34, Oklahoma State 10

Think Gundy is coaching for 2015? Think again.

Brett Deering

This team has talent, and they have it on both sides of the ball.

Sadly, one side of the ball is lacking some coaching talent.

For the FIRST TIME THIS SEASON...we saw an offensive possession where Tyreek Hill was on the field for all but one play of the drive, the offense keyed off of him every play in which he was involved, and they scored a TD like taking candy from a baby.

Sadly, that was about all we would see of that little glimpse into the world of creatively utilizing an amazing talent.

It was obvious that West Virginia respected the presence of Tyreek Hill.

It was also obvious that OSU's coaching staff is handicapped in their ability to figure out how to properly leverage the fear Hill puts into a defense.

On Oklahoma State's ONLY TD DRIVE IN THE LAST 10 QUARTERS, Hill was the focus of every play except the first (Roland at RB, incomplete slant to Sheperd that was badly overthrown).

-Hand off to Hill, quick cut back for 14 yds; (now the defense has to stay at home)
-Hand off to Hill up the middle for 6 yds;
-Hand off to Hill left for 10 yds;
-Play action fake to Hill, reverse to Sheperd for 51 yds; (have we been calling for this ALL SEASON?)
-Play action fake to Hill, rollout screen to Johnson for WALK IN THE PARK EASY TD;

Imagine if OSU didn't have him.

Tyreek Hill has single-handedly saved this entire season from complete oblivion, despite the incompetence of the offensive scheme.

I don't want to hear anything about Glenn Spencer and the defense. You all better pray that he doesn't go anywhere next year. The only complaint I would have is why in the hell didn't you give a commandment to Peterson about shadowing White every play? Oh, and also, why would you blitz and leave a rookie corner on an island against a decent WR group? That didn't work so well against TCU, so why do it again against WVU? Really, though, what can you say about a young group that held one of the better offenses IN THE COUNTRY to 20 points plenty long enough for the other side of the ball to do some damage? Emanuel Ogbah and Kevin Peterson did major work today, as well as Jordan Sterns, who recorded 20 tackles!

The fucking offensive incompetence is infuriating.

And here's my take on the team not hanging around for the singing of the alma mater...

Ok, they don't stay for this after a loss. Alright, you get a pass on that.

But that bullshit has got to change.

You stand with pride and sing the song with the fans EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY TIME, regardless of the outcome. We love you guys for all that you do. While the vast majority of us have no idea what it is like to carry the commitment that you do for an activity outside of scholastic work, we do have some idea of what it means to work hard at something, and we appreciate the sacrifices you make in bringing us our beloved Oklahoma State Cowboys every week.

Coaches, time to face the music. Leadership starts at the top.

You have a team that has enough talent to stay in the mix for a Big 12 title this season, despite the struggles of the offensive line and the youth on the defensive side of the football. But you have dug in your heels with Mason Rudolph's redshirt, and continue to show an alarming lack of creativity in offensive game planning, despite having one of the most dangerous offensive players in the country. This team has plenty to play for and plenty of talent to do so and all I hear from you, Coach Gundy, are excuses revolving around the players.

Imagine what Dana Holgorsen would do with Tyreek Hill. HE SURE AS HELL WOULDN'T HAVE HIM COVERING PUNTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For fuck's sake, you should have Hill on the field for EVERY THIRD DOWN PLAY EVER.

West Virginia's offense outgained OSU by only 12 yards, which is more of a tribute to the Cowboys' defense than anything.

This staff has known since way before the season started what they had in Hill and the offensive line. Garman was unexpected, but they've had plenty of time to figure that out.

You guys better hope that Texas saved some of that offensive performance today in Manhattan for their visit to Stillwater in a few weeks, or this will be Gundy's first losing season since 2005, and he'll be doing it with WAY more talent than he had back then.

Oh, and for the fans who deserted the stadium by the end of the game...I hate that about fans. Greeks, stop being selfish losers and vacating after halftime. Figure out a different system for competing for your stupid floats if it means you can't hang out for your football team that was most definitely in the game past halftime. I've only left one OSU game early in my life. The Cowboys' rally fell short, and I swore to never do that again. You can't ask the players to stay for the alma mater if you don't.

Now, back to the ridiculousness that was OSU's play calling.

After a 5 minute drive that resulted in a FG for West Virginia to start the 2nd half, OSU trailed 17-10.

Two quick slants resulting in two first downs had the offense moving, then stupidity struck.

The Cowboys set up in a pistol loaded to the right. West Virginia had 6 on the line, showing blitz. This would seem to call for a quick pass or a handoff away from the blitz. Play action would take too long to develop.

We of course ran play action, pulling both backs out of position to protect, and Garman had to throw way early to an unprepared, but open, Sheperd.

Second and 10, OSU went pistol left, play action, and Garman scrambled for 6 yards.

Third and 4 guessed it. Double tight end, hand off to Roland for a loss of 1.

Later, with 10 minutes still remaining and the ball in hand, the Cowboys were moving.

Hill was on the field. After a false start caused a 1st and 15, Garman kept on a QB draw/zone read for 14 yards.

Garman completed a pass to Glidden for 10 yards. On 1st and 10, Hill misses the hole and is stopped for a gain of two. On 2nd down, WV blitzes, and per the usual, the Cowboys don't pick it up and Garman has to throw the screen pass to Hill in the ground. On 3rd and 9, Garman throws a nice slant to Sheperd for 13 yards and a first down.

First and 10 at the Mountaineer 42. Plenty of time.

A good play call (wide receiver screen to Hays) gets blown up because Washington whiffs on his block, causing a loss of 1.

On 2nd and 10, OSU went pistol left with Hill. In a shocking development, 6 offensive lineman managed to block only three defensive players...

That nose tackle for West Virginia must be some kind of stud since OSU decided to assign three blockers to him. This allowed both linebackers to fill the gaps, resulting in Hill be tackled for a loss.

Third and 13, and we run the same play, except this time the linebackers weren't crowding the line and we didn't triple team the nose tackle. Hill ran for 8 yards. On 4th and 5, West Virginia sends the house, which of course we can't pick up, and Garman gets drilled as he throws WAY early for the incompletion and turnover on downs.



The biggest thing I would leave you with would be this...

This team is young and inexperienced, but they have lots of talent. They will make plays, and they will make mistakes, but the coaches can't be adding to those mistakes, and I feel like that's happening a lot right now. The unwillingness to burn Rudolph's redshirt in a moment when Garman is clearly not progressing and you still have a ton to play for just reeks of coaching for 2016, not even 2015, and that sucks. I know many would say why not save Rudolph's redshirt. Here's my it, and here's how you start experienced senior at QB (Walsh), an experienced senior at backup QB (Garman), and a redshirt freshman and true freshman who haven't played a down at this level. You think Gundy doesn't start Walsh? Throw Rudolph in and get him some live game experience if you are playing for 2015. You'll find out if he can handle this level or not. I almost feel like Garman is being thrown to the wolves.

If you want to play football at this level, you don't mail it in when you still have a chance to win something.

Now OSU heads to Manhattan to face Bill Snyder and Big 12 leader Kansas State...OH JOY...trying to avoid losing 3 games in a row in the same season since dropping 5 in a row in 2005.

Drop that one, and bowl eligibility as well as a losing season hang in the balance when Texas comes calling Nov 15.