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OSU football is beginning to suck the life out of King's venom. Why not add some teams to create some interest?

Brett Deering


1. Kansas State

You're undefeated, so you get to be the boss. That could change big time on Nov 8 at TCU. Oh, gentle next Saturday. We're trying to work through some emotional issues right now.

2. TCU

Ok Doug, we get it, but you're wasting your breath here. Gundy will never admit to screwing the pooch on this.

3. Baylor

Interesting that you have a good football team, and nobody really cares right now.

4. OU

Not sure how much longer I can keep you above West Virginia. That's ok, I'm doing some analysis on Bedlam when both teams have shit the bed. Have a feeling it'll look good for you, so there's that.

5. West Virginia

You didn't blow us out, and you know it. Gotta show me more than that if you're going to move up.

6. North Dakota State

Why not? They fit geographically, and they'll win more conference games than Kansas.

7. Oklahoma State...


8. Texas

See ya in 3 weeks for the pillow fight. All the money will be on the over/under at 6. I'm personally taking the under and predicting a score of 3-2. Picking a winner of this mess is above my pay grade.

9. Some other team who should have been added several years ago.

10. Texas Tech

82 points. I'd fire your DC...wait....what?

11. Blank State

Missouri? Savannah? Bueller? Bueller?

12. Iowa State, Kansas

Together, you might produce a program that still couldn't win conference games. Somebody please get a W, otherwise you'll have to move back in with your parents. At least we didn't have to watch either of you lose this weekend.


1: TCU

I guess thanks for not doing that to us?

2: KSU

Well your coach is very old.

3: WVU

Beating us doesn't deserve a couch burning.

4: Baylor

I got nothing.

5: OU

Given up on the season yet? We have.

6: UT

The battle for a bowl begins November 15th.

7: OSU

How did it get so bad so fast?

8a,b: KU, ISU:

Glad we survived this "gauntlet."

10: TTU

Jesus 82? Really? Even we aren't that bad.