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POLL: CRFF Player of the Game for West Virginia at Oklahoma State

We also explore "Player of the Blame."

Brett Deering

I'm going to take a page from almost every management/coaching seminar I've ever attended.

When the team has success, give the individuals credit. When the team struggles, take responsibility.

Despite the loss, the Cowboys had several players who put up solid performances against the Mountaineers.

CB Kevin Peterson would have to be the most notible of that group, basically taking one of the best wide receivers in the country completely out of the game. WV's Kevin White managed just 2 catches for 9 yards against Peterson (1 catch for 18 and a TD came against Ramon Richards). He was averaging almost 10 catches and 145 a game coming in. Peterson had an otherwise quiet day, recording only 2 tackles.

S Jordan Sterns was busy as well, with 20 tackles (14 solo), one pass defended and got in on a TFL.

Offensively, James Washington had a nice game starting in place of the suspended Jhajuan Seales, pulling down 5 receptions for 87 yards. David Glidden also had 5 receptions for 63 yards.

But the main man on offense has to be Tyreek Hill, who had 19 offensive touches for 104 yards (16-78 / 3-26). This was by far his most active game on offense since Florida State, and it showed. Although it didn't result in an avalanche of points, when he was on the field the offense looked more productive and dangerous. Hill's presence was directly responsible for

-Two of Glidden's catches for over 25 yards;
-Garman's 14 yard keeper;
-Sheperd's 51 yard reverse;
-Johnson's 8 yard TD reception;

So easily over 200 yards of offense were directly attributable to Hill being on the field offensively. Otherwise West Virginia did an excellent job keeping the ball away from him on special teams, as Hill managed only 19 yards on 4 returns.

Now for the responsibility part.

For "Player of the Blame," we can go lots of directions (we won't really vote on this, but you can voice your opinion in the comments).

Gundycich for allowing an offense that, while dealing with some shortcomings, obviously has talent enough to look better than this.

Glenn Spencer, for allowing Ramon Richards to once again be left on an island for his 2nd consecutive week, giving up another 70+ yard pass play for a TD (virtually identical plays). Also how do you allow Peterson to lose track of White on his TD catch, where he ended up singled against Ramon Richards? Hard to get crazy about it, as the defense rallied up really well and shut down West Virginia for the next 2 1/2 quarters, giving the offense a fighting chance.

Or how about the mass exodus of fans? The Greeks are happy with it, as they don't have to take the heat alone.

Not going to bash anyone for booing. Fans boo, especially on 3rd and 11 handoffs.

But my vote will go to Gundy. You are coaching for 2015, and you're not even doing a very good job of that. If Rudolph is the QB of the future, the you should get a look now. Otherwise, here's what you have heading into the spring (and I mentioned this in the full recap):

-a Senior QB with plenty of game experience (Walsh);
-a Senior QB with a season of game experience (Garman);
-a redshirt Freshman with no game experience, but a year in the program (Rudolph);
-a true Freshman with no game experience (Kolar, assuming he honors his verbal commitment);

And you're coaching for that?

Never mind, I don't care that Yurcich is the OC. How is it that it took this far into the season to get Tyreek Hill on the field for at least 30+ offensive snaps, and 19 touches? A reverse using Hill as a decoy? Middle screens to Hill? It's like you decided to dust off a completely different playbook this week.

So here are your choices. As always, let us know your thoughts!