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CRFF Ranks The Big 12 Conference

We are five games into Oklahoma State's conference schedule and it's already getting ugly.

Brett Deering

The Big 12 was predicted to be a horse race between OU and Baylor, instead the two purple teams have come out of no where, shutting out opponents and breaking conference scoring records.

TCU literally ran out of fireworks for the season on Saturday after blowing out a team that was supposed to be a lot better, but is instead fighting with ISU on who is going to be eighth in the conference.

OU and Baylor were off this weekend and might as well be off next weekend because they play ISU and KU respectively. The off week and loss didn't actually hurt Baylor in this weeks rankings, but knocked OU down to number five. Texas Tech and ISU are both fighting to not be number nine while it almost seems like OSU and Texas are trying to lose games.

WVU was ranked just eight points below Baylor, so one of our staff could have put them above Baylor and we'd have a top three that has two teams who were predicted to finish seventh (TCU) and eighth (WVU) in the preseason media poll.

Without further waiting, here are the rankings for this week:

1 TCU(7) 97
2 KSU (3) 92
3 Baylor 78
4 WVU 70
5 Oklahoma 63
6 Oklahoma State 47
7 Texas 41
8 Texas Tech 27
9 Iowa State 22
10 Kansas 10