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Oklahoma State Cowboys in the NFL: Week 8

I've been saying for eight weeks that football is amazing. This weekend finally gave me plenty of evidence to support that claim. Let's go ahead and check out how former OSU Cowboys did in the NFL this week!

Tom Pennington

The Monday Night Football game just ended with the Washington Redskins beating the Oklahoma State Dallas Cowboys in an overtime thriller. The game tonight alone had five former Pokes playing all for the Dallas Cowboys. But enough about Dallas and how it is just the next step for Oklahoma State stars, there are many more former Pokes that played this weekend. Let's get started because we have a full post with birthdays, fumbles and Brandon Weeden (spoiler alert).

Dan Bailey (Cowboys) - Alright, I said that I was going to take a break from talking about the Cowboys but it just so happens that Dan Bailey comes first on our list every single week. The former Poke was 1-for-1 (21yds) on MNF and was also 2-for-2 on extra points. Eight weeks through the season Bailey has successful booted 15 out of his 16 field goal attempts. At this rate he will be an All-Pro for the first time in his career.

Dez Bryant (Cowboys) - Bryant, surprisingly, didn't have a great game on MNF. He grabbed three passes for only 30 yards. THAT BEING SAID, he did have a sick touchdown, which you can see below. Bryant now has 620 yards and five touchdowns on the year. But now the fun part...

YOU CANNOT STOP HIM. Let's break down this catch.

1) Bryant makes a sick grab a few inches above the ground WITH ONE HAND.

2) He then shakes off a defender who is clearly an inferior athlete.

3) Then he drags ALL-PRO safety Ryan Clark four yards as he powers towards the endzone.

4) Finally, he stretches his arm as far as he can and barely makes it into the endzone for his fifth TD of the year.

Justin Gilbert (Browns) - Gilbert had three tackles and two pass deflections in a ten point win over Oakland. He probably played his best game against an underrated Raider receiving group.

Charlie Johnson (Vikings) - Johnson played well as he helped lead the Vikings to a thrilling overtime win. After the game he told Brian Murphy in regards to their game-tying drive in the 4th quarter.

"We felt like we owed our 'D' one. They battled their butts off."

Indeed they did owe them one, as the Vikings got a huge stop late in the game to give their offense a chance. A chance that they took advantage of. Johnson allowed no sacks this week.

Orie Lemon (Bucs) - A while back Lemon was cut by Dallas, then signed by the Chiefs practice squad, then this past week he signed with the Tampa Bay Bucs. There wasn't much time before he was playing for Tampa. He played twenty snaps for the Bucs this weekend and recorded a tackle on special teams. This is the most he has played all year.

Russell Okung (Seahawks) - The defending Super Bowl champs rode the struggle bus all the way to a win over Carolina this weekend. Their struggles were not, however, a result of Russell Okung's play. The offensive tackle didn't give up any sacks and was only called for one false start. This might have been his best week of the season.

Tyler Patmon (Cowboys) - Patmon played for the third consecutive week. He plays most of his snaps in the Cowboy's dime package. He didn't record any tackles, but didn't give up any big plays either. He continues to work hard, not get beat and he is getting more snaps.

Brandon Pettigrew (Lions) - Pettigrew played through a foot issue last week but didn't practice this week and didn't play this week in London against the Falcons. He is questionable for the Lions game on the 7th of November.

Joe Randle (Cowboys) - We are a week removed from #UnderwearGate and things are starting to get better for Joseph Randle. Against the Redskins the former Poke had three carries for 23 yards in a losing effort. He also fumbled the ball, but that's no big deal because no one in Dallas can hang on to the ball as they rank fourth in the league in fumbles lost.

Antonio Smith (Raiders) - The Raiders are the worst team in football. Smith isn't helping Oakland get any better. He had no tackles this week despite the Browns running the ball 25 times. But hey, Smith had a birthday this past week as he turned 33 years old.

Josh Stewart (Titans) - DNP (injury) BUT Stewart also celebrated his 22nd birthday. So here is another gif.

Lane Taylor (Packers) - Taylor played a lot this past weekend for Green Bay. He wished he hadn't played, because he was absolutely awful. Taylor couldn't block a soul. He probably won't play as much in the Packers next game.

BRANDON WEEDEN (COWBOYS) - HE PLAYED! HIS TIME HAS COME! During the Redskins-Cowboys game Tony Romo went down after a nasty hit and twitter exploded. Why did twitter explode? Because this meant that Brandon Weeden was coming into the game. Weeden did more than come into the game, he led two scoring drives for the Cowboys and gave them a shot to win. Weeden was 4-for-6 for 69 yards and a TD. Let's enjoy some of the tweets from this evening about Mr. Weeden.


RG3 will never escape jokes from OSU fans.

Indeed it would, Mike.

I'll let you all decide which one of these guys is the best.


It was so much fun guys. If you missed out, I'm so sorry. But the Cowboys put Tony Romo back in just to ensure that they blew the game in overtime. Immediately after the last play of the game Redskins CB Bashaud Breeland wanted to say something to Dez Bryant after he had just broken up the pass to end the game. I'm sure he was just congratulating him on a good game or something. But Brandon Weeden was having none of it! Us Oklahoma State folk have to stick together and look out for each other and that's exactly what Weeden did!

So that's how Brandon Weeden's night went.

Kevin Williams (Seahawks) - I'm a little upset that I have to end this post by talking about Williams instead of Weeden. It's kind of a let down, but oh well. Williams had two tackles against Carolina this weekend in a win.


Very few Americans can keep America's team in a game that they are destined to lose. Even fewer Americans love their country enough to get eaten by its flag. Weeden has successfully done both in his NFL career.

But seriously, there wasn't really anyone that was really deserving this week. No one really did anything except Weeden who, like another one of the all-time greats, was thrust into the starting role due to injury. He delivered two scoring drives and could have delivered a third (and game winning) drive if he had been given the opportunity.

Wasn't that fun, everyone? Be sure you tune in next week for week nine of Cowboys in the NFL! Have a good week and here's to hoping OSU doesn't get shutout on Saturday! Go Pokes!